Toban Djan Substitute

What’s A Good Toban Djan Substitute?

Toban djan is another term for doubanjiang. This version of doubanjiang is most often associated with the Lee Kum Kee version of Sichuan’s favorite bean paste. Lee Kum Kee is a company from Hong Kong. If you are looking for alternatives, you have multiple options depending on what you are …

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Gochujang substitute

What’s A Good Gochujang Substitute?

Gochujang is one of the better-known Korean seasonings and is a key part of many dishes that have become popular outside of Korea. You will need it to create an authentic flavor profile in many classic dishes like dakgalbi and bibimbap. If you are out of it and can’t find …

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Ssamjang substitute

What’s A Good Ssamjang Substitute?

Ssamjang means “wrap sauce” in Korean. It has the name because it is traditionally used on Korean wraps (called ssam) that are usually consumed as street food. You will need it if you plan to make ssam yourself or any of the other dishes that ssamjang can improve. If you …

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Douchi substitute

What’s A Good Douchi Substitute?

Douchi is possibly the oldest soybean food product known to man and is a great way to add saltiness and umami to dishes. Its distinctive flavor is essential to creating authentic-tasting versions of many Chinese dishes. Try one of the douchi substitutes below if you are out of this versatile …

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Doubanjiang Substitute

What’s A Good Doubanjiang Substitute?

Doubanjiang is a legendary seasoning paste from China’s Sichuan province. Because it is essential to the flavor profiles of dishes from this part of China, you should only opt for substitutes as a last resort. If you can’t find the real thing, here are some of the best doubanjiang substitutes …

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Mizuame Substitute

What’s A Good Mizuame Substitute?

Mizuame is a Japanese sweetener traditionally made from rice and that consists mostly of maltose. You will need it to get the glossy sheen seen on some Japanese confections. Mizuame may not be an easy product to find outside of Japan, even in Asian grocery stores; however, many alternatives are …

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What’s A Good Prahok Substitute?

Prahok is one of the fundamental ingredients in Cambodian cuisine. It is important enough that it will be difficult to make most Khmer dishes without it. It might not be the easiest ingredient to find if you don’t live in Cambodia or a location with a sizable population of Cambodian …

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Mentsuyu Substitute

What’s A Good Mentsuyu Substitute?

Mentsuyu is a popular dipping sauce or broth for Japanese udon and soba noodles. This sauce is widely available in Japan but may not be as easy to find in other parts of the world. If you are out of this noodle sauce, here are some of the best mentsuyu …

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