hemp seed substitute

What’s A Good Hemp Seed Substitute?

Hemp seeds are widely considered to be a superfood with immense nutritional value. They are also versatile enough to be added to your diet in numerous ways; however, they are not always the easiest food to find in brick and mortar grocery stores. If you cannot source these seeds and …

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muscovado sugar substitute

What’s A Good Muscovado Sugar Substitute?

If you are seeking a healthy alternative to refined white sugar, you may see muscovado recommended as one of your best options. Muscovado is an unrefined sugar that is actually less exotic than it sounds—it is mainly just another brown sugar. It is not much better for you than white …

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Cubeb pepper substitute

What’s A Good Cubeb Pepper Substitute?

Cubeb pepper (piper cubeba, also known as tailed pepper) is not really a common ingredient in European or American recipes, but if you want to make certain Moroccan dishes, you may need it for an authentic flavor profile. It is also useful if you want to replace black pepper or …

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confectioners sugar substitute

What’s A Good Confectioners’ Sugar Substitute?

Confectioners’ sugar is an essential for frostings and icings. The fine crystal size keeps butter creams smooth and can provide an attractive snowy dusting on doughnuts, cookies, cakes, and other pastries. However, all is not lost if you find yourself out of this fine-textured icing sugar. There are several confectioners’ …

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Turbinado Sugar Substitute

What’s a Good Turbinado Sugar Substitute?

Turbinado sugar is a versatile sugar that is also sold as Sugar in the Raw. It is often the best choice if you want to make something with caramel notes that are not as strong as those from brown sugar. Turbinado sugar is useful but may not be easy to …

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truffle salt substitute

What’s A Good Truffle Salt Substitute?

Truffle salt is a convenient and affordable way to get the flavor of truffles into a dish while also adding salt. Pasta and steaks, in particular, pair well with the earthy flavor. While it is easy to use and effective, it may not always be readily available. It can also …

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demerara sugar substitute

What’s A Good Demerara Sugar Substitute?

Demarara sugar is popular with bakers because of its crunchy texture, which makes it a great topping for desserts. As a lightly processed brown sugar, it has many other uses; however, you may have a hard time finding it in the United States. When you do find it, it may …

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Smoked sea salt substitute

What’s A Good Smoked Sea Salt Substitute?

Smoked sea salt is sea salt with the added flavor of smoke from hickory or other aromatic hardwoods. It allows you to get the smoke flavor at the same time that you salt your food. If you can’t find smoked sea salt in your grocery store’s spice aisle and don’t …

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