Seasoned salt substitute

What’s A Good Seasoned Salt Substitute?

Seasoned salt is exactly what it claims: salt with added seasonings like garlic, onion, and paprika. The first iteration was Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, created for seasoning prime rib and other beef cuts. More recently, the blend has become associated with soul food. Whether you have run out or want an …

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Vegetable Shortening Substitute

What’s A Good Vegetable Shortening Substitute?

Vegetable shortening is considered a baking essential, especially among American bakers who prefer to use traditional ingredients. Recent concerns about vegetable shortening’s potential effects on health have led to many bakers looking for alternatives, but you may still need it for some older recipes. If you have run out or …

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Garam masala substitute

What’s A Good Garam Masala Substitute?

Traditional garam masala is an incredibly complex spice blend that often contains more than 30 ingredients. Because it is such a massive undertaking to make a homemade garam masala, many people prefer to purchase pre-made commercial blends. In some areas, these blends can be difficult to find. When you find …

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cloves substitute

What’s A Good Substitute for Cloves?

There are many popular recipes out there that call for cloves. With a powerful and distinctive flavor, this potent spice is often the one key component that gives a dish the boost it needs to go from ordinary to extraordinary. There comes a time in the life of every home …

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Loomi substitute

What’s A Good Loomi Substitute?

Loomi is one of the names for the dehydrated limes used in certain Middle Eastern and Persian dishes. Other names for loomi include black lime because the dried limes take on a dark, almost black color. Loomi can be used to offset unpleasantly gamey or fishy flavors. If you can’t …

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Alaea Salt Substitute

What’s A Good Alaea Salt Substitute?

Alaea salt is also known as red Hawaiian salt and is a kind of sea salt. The most traditional version of alaea salt is harvested from salt ponds on Kauai and colored with red clay from Waimea. The less authentic versions of alaea salt may come from China or the …

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tikka masala substitute

What’s A Good Tikka Masala Substitute?

Tikka masala refers to a blend of spices — masala is a Hindi word for spice blend. Tikka masala sometimes refers to dishes made with the spice blend, like chicken tikka masala. Like most Indian dishes, the spices define a tikka masala dish. If you don’t have the right spice …

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mace substitute

What’s A Good Mace Substitute?

Mace is a spice from the Myristica fragrans tree, which is the same tree that provides nutmeg. Mace is the lacy covering that grows on the shell of the seed that contains the nutmeg spice. It is used in desserts, Indian cuisine, and for making sausages. If you don’t have …

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