Doenjang Substitute

What’s A Good Doenjang Substitute?

Doenjang is a staple of Korean cooking and is responsible for that cuisine’s distinctive umami flavor. It is an essential ingredient that is difficult to replace. If you have no way to get some and need it in a hurry, here are some doenjang substitutes that you can try. Your …

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Chinese sesame paste substitute

What’s A Good Chinese Sesame Paste Substitute?

Chinese sesame paste is a key ingredient in a range of Chinese dishes including dan dan noodles and various dipping sauces. You can also use it in salad dressings and desserts. It is a valuable source of a rich, nutty flavor, but it is not irreplaceable. Here are some of …

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Coconut aminos substitute

What’s A Good Coconut Aminos Substitute?

Coconut aminos seasoning sauce offers a way to add saltiness and umami to your favorite dishes. You can use it to flavor cuisine from all over the world, including both Asian- and Western-style dishes. Since it is not always the easiest condiment to find, here is a look at some …

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Peanut Sauce Substitute

What’s A Good Peanut Sauce Substitute?

Peanut sauce is an important condiment in Thai, Malay, and Indonesian food cultures. Each culture has its variation of it with different ingredients to enhance the nutty flavor of the peanuts. Indonesian sambal kacang is different from the Thai satay sauce. Here a few substitutes for peanut sauce that will …

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Liquid aminos substitute

What’s A Good Liquid Aminos Substitute?

Liquid aminos are a popular condiment option for supplementing protein in vegan dishes and for adding flavor. If you don’t have any on hand and can’t go out to get some, here are some of your best options for liquid aminos substitutes. Your best bet: Coconut aminos You will get …

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Char siu sauce substitute

What’s A Good Char Siu Sauce Substitute?

Char siu sauce is sometimes referred to as Chinese barbecue sauce possibly because of its similarity to Western barbecue sauce. It is thick, sticky, and sweet. It is also used as a marinade and basting sauce for slow-roasted meats. If you run out of it, there are a few options …

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Roasted peanut oil substitute

What’s A Good Roasted Peanut Oil Substitute?

Roasted peanut oil is a solid option for giving Asian and Western dishes a rich, nutty flavor. It can give the flavor of roasted peanuts to salad dressings and dipping sauces. You can also use it as a seasoning for stir-fries and noodle dishes. If you don’t have it on …

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Toasted sesame oil substitute

What’s A Good Toasted Sesame Oil Substitute?

Toasted sesame oil is one of the more popular oils for cooking Chinese and Japanese dishes. It is responsible for some of the distinctive flavor notes of those cuisines. If you are out of it, you run the risk of bland and boring food. You can get many of the …

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