wasabi substitute

What’s A Good Wasabi Substitute?

Wasabi is the quintessential Japanese spice and is necessary if you decide to make your own homemade sashimi or wasabi peas. The problem is that real wasabi is hard to find and when you can find it, it tends to be expensive. That’s where wasabi substitutes come in. With the …

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Creole Seasoning

What’s A Good Creole Seasoning Substitute?

Creole seasoning provides the flavors of Creole cuisine, which you will need if you are making Creole favorites like etouffee or Jambalaya. It is one of Louisiana’s two main seasoning blends and something you should keep in your spice cabinet if food from that part of the world appeals to …

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Cassia buds

What’s A Good Cassia Buds Substitute?

Cassia buds are not as commonly used as other parts of the cassia tree, but they are still useful for providing a novel twist on the cinnamon flavor. However, that cassia buds are not a well-known spice means that you may have a hard time hunting them down. If you …

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What’s A Good Epazote Substitute?

Epazote is a Mexican herb with a long history of use by both Aztecs and Mayans. In both food cultures, it was primarily a medicinal herb. Today, you may see it as one of the ingredients in some Mexican recipes; in particular, recipes from Yucatan. It is rarely used outside …

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nigella seeds substitute

What’s A Good Nigella Seeds Substitute?

Nigella seeds show up in many Indian recipes, especially those from the northern Indian states of Punjab and Bengal. The spice is available from online merchants and Indian grocery stores, but if neither of these is an option or if you don’t like the taste of nigella seeds, consider an …

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sorrel substitute

What’s A Good Sorrel Substitute?

Sorrel is a popular herb in Europe and can be found in certain parts of North America. Its tart flavor makes it a good complement for fatty fish like salmon and for eggs. Sorrel can even be used in soup; sorrel soup was a popular dish during the colonial era. …

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sansho pepper substitute

What’s A Good Sansho Pepper Substitute?

Sansho pepper is essential for a traditional Japanese take on fatty dishes like grilled eel and duck. Its heat and citrus notes are great complements for both of those proteins, but the spice may not be the easiest to find in an emergency. If you need a fast sansho pepper …

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agar agar substitute

What’s A Good Agar Agar Substitute?

Agar agar powder is an essential ingredient if you want to make certain Asian candies or if you want a vegan gelling agent. The downside is that it is not a widely used ingredient, which means that you may not find it in most grocery stores. If you need something …

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