Master List Of Herbs And Spices

Our master list of herbs and spices (plus popular seasoning blends) is the perfect starting point for exploring this vast world of flavor. Our list allows quick access to each spice or herb’s SPICEography profile, plus its overall flavor profile and its origin.

Let’s master that spice rack…

Allspice,,, Allspice vs. Black PepperSpiceAromatic, Peppery, Savory, SpicyCaribbean, Central America, South America
Ancho Powder,,, Ancho PowderSpiceEarthy, Smoky, Spicy, SweetMexico
Annatto Seeds,,, Cooking with annatto seedsSpiceNutty, Peppery, Smoky, SweetCentral America
Baharat Seasoning,,, Baharat SeasoningSeasoningAromatic, Earthy, Smoky, WarmAfrica
Basil,,, Bay Leaves Vs. BasilHerbFragrant, Herbal, SweetIndia, Persia
Bay Leaves,,, cooking with bay leavesHerbAromatic, Bitter, Earthy, WarmAsia, Mediterranean
Black Pepper,,, tellicherry pepper vs black pepperSpiceEarthy, Peppery, Piney, Pungent, Spicy, Warm, WoodyIndia
Cardamom,,, Cardamon SubstituteSpiceCitrusy, Peppery, Pungent, WarmGuatemala, India
Carom Seeds,,, Carom SeedsSpicePungent, Spicy, SweetAsia, Middle East
Cayenne Pepper,,, cayenne pepper substituteSpicePeppery, Pungent, SpicySouth America
Celery Seeds,,, Celery Seed SubstituteSpiceBitter, Citrusy, Herbal, StrongMediterranean
Chervil,,, Chervil SubstituteSpiceBitter, MintyEastern Europe
Chia Seeds,,, cooking with chia seedsSpiceNuttyCentral America
Chicory,,, Chicory RootHerbBitter, RichEgypt
Chili Powder,,, Chili PowderSeasoningEarthy, Nutty, Spicy, WarmUnited States
Chinese Five-Spice Powder,,, Chinese Five Spice PowderSeasoningFragrant, Spicy, Sweet, WarmChina
Chipotle Powder,,, Chipotle Powder SubstituteSpiceEarthy, Smoky, SpicyMexico
Chives,,, ChivesHerbGarlicky, Oniony
Cilantro,,, how to store cilantroHerbBright, Citrusy, FreshMediterranean
Cinnamon,,, Korintje CinnamonSpiceAromatic, Fragrant, Spicy, Sweet, Warm, WoodyCeylon, Indonesia, Middle East
Cloves,,, Ground cloves vs whole clovesSpiceAromatic, Bitter, Pungent, Sweet, WarmIndonesia, Madagascar
Coriander,,, CorianderSpiceAromatic, Citrusy, EarthyAfrica, Asia, Europe
Cumin,,, Cumin Seed Vs Ground CuminSpiceAromatic, Earthy, Pungent, Sharp, Sweet, WarmIran, Mediterranean
Curry Leaves,,, Cooking with curry leavesHerbAromatic, Citrusy, HerbalIndia
Curry Powder,,, Curry PowderSeasoningEarthy, Savory, Sweet, WarmIndia
Dill,,, cooking with dillHerbAromatic, Bitter, Citrusy, SweetMediterranean
Dukkah,,, dukkah substituteSeasoningBold, Earthy, Nutty, TangyEgypt
Elderflower,,, ElderflowerHerbCitrusy, Floral, FragrantMediterranean
Fenugreek,,, Fenugreek SubstituteSpiceBitter, Nutty, Rich, SweetMiddle East
Flax Seeds,,, Flax SeedsSpiceNutty, ToastyMediterranean
Garam Masala,,, cooking with garam masalaSeasoningAromatic, Floral, Savory, Spicy, Sweet, WarmIndia
Garlic Powder,,, Garlic Powder SubstituteSpicePungent, SweetAsia, Middle East
Ginger,,, GingerSpiceAromatic, Pungent, Spicy, Sweet, Warm, WoodyChina, India
Gochugaru,,, GochugaruSpiceSmoky, Spicy, SweetKorea
Grains of Paradise,,, Grains of paradise substituteSpiceEarthy, Spicy, WarmAfrica
Herbes de Provence,,, Herbes de ProvenceSeasoningEarthy, Floral, MintyFrance
Holy Basil,,, Holy BasilHerbExotic, Fragrant, Peppery, WarmIndia
Kaffir Lime Leaves,,, Kaffir lime leaves substituteHerbCitrusy, Floral, PotentAsia
Kosher Salt,,, Kosher Salt SubstituteSpiceClean, SaltyUnited States
Lavender,,, LavenderHerbFloral, Herbal, SweetIndia, Mediterranean
Lemon Basil,,, Lemon BasilHerbCitrusy, Delicate, MildAfrica, Asia, Mediterranean
Lemon Thyme,,, Lemon ThymeHerbCitrusy, Fragrant, LemonyMediterranean
Lemongrass,,, LemongrassHerbCitrusy, Sharp, TangyIndia, Thailand
Loomi,,, LoomiSpiceSour, SweetMiddle East
Lovage,,, LovageHerbClean, Herbal, Pungent, StrongMediterranean
Mace,,, MaceSpiceCitrusy, Pungent, WarmIndonesia
Mahlab,,, MahlabSpiceFloral, Fruity, NuttyMediterranean, Middle East
Marjoram,,, cooking with marjoramHerbCitrusy, Piney, WarmMediterranean
Mint,,, MintHerbClean, Cooling, Sharp, SweetEgypt, Mediterranean
Mojo Seasoning,,, Mojo SeasoningSeasoningCitrusy, Earthy, Peppery, TangyCanary Islands
Mustard Powder,,, Mustard PowderSpicePungent, Spicy, Tangy, WarmMediterranean
Nutmeg,,, Nutmeg SubstituteSpiceAromatic, Earthy, Nutty, Sweet, WarmIndonesia
Old Bay Seasoning,,, old bay seasoningSeasoningSpicy, Sweet, WarmUnited States
Oregano,,, OreganoHerbBitter, Peppery, Pungent, Sharp, WarmMediterranean
Paprika,,, Paprika SubstituteSpiceSpicy, SweetCentral America, Mexico
Parsley,,, ParsleyHerbBitter, BrightMediterranean
Pickling Salt,,, Pickling salt substituteSpiceSaltyMediterranean
Pickling Spice,,, Pickling SpiceSeasoningSweet, WarmMediterranean
Pumpkin Pie Spice,,, Pumpkin pie spice substituteSeasoningAromatic, Nutty, Peppery, Pungent, Sweet, WarmUnited States
Ras El Hanout,,, Ras El Hanout SubstituteSeasoningExotic, Pungent, Sweet, WarmMorocco
Rosemary,,, Rosemary UsesHerbAromatic, Peppery, Piney, Pungent, WoodyMediterranean
Safflower,,, Safflower SubstituteHerbMild, SweetAsia, India
Saffron,,, Saffron SubstituteSpiceBitter, Metallic, SharpMediterranean
Sage,,, how to store sageHerbAromatic, Bitter, Fragrant, SavoryMediterranean
Sea Salt,,, Sea SaltSpiceBright, Clean, SaltyMediterranean
Smoked Paprika,,, smoked paprika powderSpiceSmoky, Spicy, SweetSpain
Star Anise,,, Star Anise SubstituteSpiceBitter, Pungent, Sweet, WarmChina
Sumac,,, cooking with sumacSpiceCitrusy, Fruity, TartMediterranean, Middle East
Summer Savory,,, Summer SavoryHerbMild, Peppery, PineyMediterranean
Tarragon,,, TarragonHerbAromatic, BittersweetAsia, Russia
Thai Basil,,, Thai BasilHerbCitrusy, Peppery, Spicy, WarmAsia, India
Thyme,,, ThymeHerbEarthy, Minty, Peppery, Sweet, WarmMediterranean
Turmeric,,, too much turmericSpiceBitter, Citrusy, Earthy, PungentAsia, Middle East
Water Hyssop,,, Water hyssopHerbBitterIndia
Za'atar Seasoning Blend,,, Za'atar UsesSeasoningCitrusy, Fragrant, Nutty, StrongEgypt