Master List Of Herbs And Spices

Our master list of herbs and spices (plus popular seasoning blends) is the perfect starting point for exploring this vast world of flavor. Our list allows quick access to each spice or herb’s SPICEography profile, plus its overall flavor profile, the regional cuisine it influences, and its origin.

Our universal search bar allows for an instant review of these herbs and spices. Want to find spices that are “citrusy” or “earthy”? Type it in the search bar and your results will immediately appear. Want to find spices often used in Indian cuisine or French cuisine? Type “Indian” or “French” into the search bar.

To learn more about any of the spices, herbs, or seasonings, click on the plus sign to the left of the name. It’ll expand to show general flavor profile, origin(s), and cuisines it influences. Or click on the SPICEography link to go to our full profile page.

Now, let’s master that spice rack…

Allspice SpiceAromatic, Peppery, Savory, SpicyCaribbean, Central America, South America
Ancho PowderSpiceEarthy, Smoky, Spicy, SweetMexico
Annatto SeedsSpiceNutty, Peppery, Smoky, SweetCentral America
Baharat SeasoningSeasoningAromatic, Earthy, Smoky, WarmAfrica
BasilHerbFragrant, Herbal, SweetIndia, Persia
Bay LeavesHerbAromatic, Bitter, Earthy, WarmAsia, Mediterranean
Black PepperSpiceEarthy, Peppery, Piney, Pungent, Spicy, Warm, WoodyIndia
CardamomSpiceCitrusy, Peppery, Pungent, WarmGuatemala, India
Carom SeedsSpicePungent, Spicy, SweetAsia, Middle East
Cayenne PepperSpicePeppery, Pungent, SpicySouth America
Celery SeedsSpiceBitter, Citrusy, Herbal, StrongMediterranean
ChervilSpiceBitter, MintyEastern Europe
Chia SeedsSpiceNuttyCentral America
ChicoryHerbBitter, RichEgypt
Chili PowderSeasoningEarthy, Nutty, Spicy, WarmUnited States
Chinese Five-Spice PowderSeasoningFragrant, Spicy, Sweet, WarmChina
Chipotle PowderSpiceEarthy, Smoky, SpicyMexico
ChivesHerbGarlicky, Oniony
CilantroHerbBright, Citrusy, FreshMediterranean
CinnamonSpiceAromatic, Fragrant, Spicy, Sweet, Warm, WoodyCeylon, Indonesia, Middle East
ClovesSpiceAromatic, Bitter, Pungent, Sweet, WarmIndonesia, Madagascar
CorianderSpiceAromatic, Citrusy, EarthyAfrica, Asia, Europe
CuminSpiceAromatic, Earthy, Pungent, Sharp, Sweet, WarmIran, Mediterranean
Curry LeavesHerbAromatic, Citrusy, HerbalIndia
Curry PowderSeasoningEarthy, Savory, Sweet, WarmIndia
DillHerbAromatic, Bitter, Citrusy, SweetMediterranean
DukkahSeasoningBold, Earthy, Nutty, TangyEgypt
ElderflowerHerbCitrusy, Floral, FragrantMediterranean
FenugreekSpiceBitter, Nutty, Rich, SweetMiddle East
Flax SeedsSpiceNutty, ToastyMediterranean
Garam MasalaSeasoningAromatic, Floral, Savory, Spicy, Sweet, WarmIndia
Garlic PowderSpicePungent, SweetAsia, Middle East
GingerSpiceAromatic, Pungent, Spicy, Sweet, Warm, WoodyChina, India
GochugaruSpiceSmoky, Spicy, SweetKorea
Grains of ParadiseSpiceEarthy, Spicy, WarmAfrica
Herbes de ProvenceSeasoningEarthy, Floral, MintyFrance
Holy BasilHerbExotic, Fragrant, Peppery, WarmIndia
Kaffir Lime LeavesHerbCitrusy, Floral, PotentAsia
Kosher SaltSpiceClean, SaltyUnited States
LavenderHerbFloral, Herbal, SweetIndia, Mediterranean
Lemon BasilHerbCitrusy, Delicate, MildAfrica, Asia, Mediterranean
Lemon ThymeHerbCitrusy, Fragrant, LemonyMediterranean
LemongrassHerbCitrusy, Sharp, TangyIndia, Thailand
LoomiSpiceSour, SweetMiddle East
LovageHerbClean, Herbal, Pungent, StrongMediterranean
MaceSpiceCitrusy, Pungent, WarmIndonesia
MahlabSpiceFloral, Fruity, NuttyMediterranean, Middle East
MarjoramHerbCitrusy, Piney, WarmMediterranean
MintHerbClean, Cooling, Sharp, SweetEgypt, Mediterranean
Mojo SeasoningSeasoningCitrusy, Earthy, Peppery, TangyCanary Islands
Mustard PowderSpicePungent, Spicy, Tangy, WarmMediterranean
NutmegSpiceAromatic, Earthy, Nutty, Sweet, WarmIndonesia
Old Bay SeasoningSeasoningSpicy, Sweet, WarmUnited States
OreganoHerbBitter, Peppery, Pungent, Sharp, WarmMediterranean
PaprikaSpiceSpicy, SweetCentral America, Mexico
ParsleyHerbBitter, BrightMediterranean
Pickling SaltSpiceSaltyMediterranean
Pickling SpiceSeasoningSweet, WarmMediterranean
Pumpkin Pie SpiceSeasoningAromatic, Nutty, Peppery, Pungent, Sweet, WarmUnited States
Ras El HanoutSeasoningExotic, Pungent, Sweet, WarmMorocco
RosemaryHerbAromatic, Peppery, Piney, Pungent, WoodyMediterranean
SafflowerHerbMild, SweetAsia, India
SaffronSpiceBitter, Metallic, SharpMediterranean
SageHerbAromatic, Bitter, Fragrant, SavoryMediterranean
Sea SaltSpiceBright, Clean, SaltyMediterranean
Smoked PaprikaSpiceSmoky, Spicy, SweetSpain
Star AniseSpiceBitter, Pungent, Sweet, WarmChina
SumacSpiceCitrusy, Fruity, TartMediterranean, Middle East
Summer SavoryHerbMild, Peppery, PineyMediterranean
TarragonHerbAromatic, BittersweetAsia, Russia
Thai BasilHerbCitrusy, Peppery, Spicy, WarmAsia, India
ThymeHerbEarthy, Minty, Peppery, Sweet, WarmMediterranean
TurmericSpiceBitter, Citrusy, Earthy, PungentAsia, Middle East
Water HyssopHerbBitterIndia
Za'atar Seasoning BlendSeasoningCitrusy, Fragrant, Nutty, StrongEgypt

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