Used Too Much Tarragon? Try These Fixes

too much tarragon

Tarragon is an herb used in many classic French dishes. Its mild licorice notes can provide the perfect complement for a range of savory ingredients. While tarragon’s flavor does not have to be overpowering, using too much of it can certainly have negative results. Excessive tarragon use tends to make food taste like soap. Here are a few things that you can do to recover a dish that contains too much tarragon.

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How To Fix Salty Gravy

how to fix salty gravy

A salty gravy can ruin a meal. As a component that is supposed to tie everything together, gravy’s role is integral but usually limited to the background. Too much salt instantly brings it to the forefront in an unpleasant way. A salty gravy can result from the addition of too much salt, but it can also come from excessive reduction. While you will not be able to remove the salt, there are remedies for this issue. Fix your salty gravy by following the tips below.

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Too Much Allspice? Follow These Tips To Neutralize It

too much allspice

While dishes like jerk pork can benefit from extreme levels of allspice, most cannot. Allspice is one of those spices that works best when combined with other strong flavors. If it is used in excess, it can easily outshine other flavors and make a dish one-dimensional or even bitter to the point of being inedible. If you have accidentally used too much allspice, consider the following tips for toning it down.

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