Too Much Cinnamon? How To Fix Your Dish

When used in the right way, cinnamon can give sweetness and an exotic flair to many dishes; however, cinnamon can be problematic when you go overboard with it. Too much cinnamon can make a savory dish unpleasantly sweet. Even in desserts, it can overpower every other flavor so that you taste nothing but cinnamon. If you have accidentally added a tablespoon or more of cinnamon to a dish that only required a teaspoon, do not throw it out; excess cinnamon is often fixable.

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Add more ingredients

This is the simplest and most obvious solution in any situation where you have added too much of a spice. In most cases, simply adding more of everything else but cinnamon will do the trick. In a stew or curry, you can add more vegetables rather than extra meat if you want to limit the fat content.

If you are making chili, adding more tomatoes can be great for counteracting excess cinnamon. This option can work even if you added far more cinnamon than you should have. Of course, you will wind up making more food than you intended. If the extra food is out of the question, consider discarding half of the dish. This will still save you more money than if you were to discard the whole thing.

Add more of the other spices

Other spices may be able to mask the taste of cinnamon if you add enough of the right ones. Of course, the spices that you can add will depend on the dish that you are making. For most savory dishes, spices like chili powder and garlic powder should do a good job of hiding the excess cinnamon flavor.

In desserts, cloves and cardamom can serve a similar purpose as they are as strong or stronger than cinnamon. In all cases, you will want to be careful. Add the spices in increments until you get the taste that you want.

Add more liquid

This will not work in all dishes but can work for some stews and chilis. Depending on the dish, your liquid can range from stock to red wine or even cream. Tomato juice is another option for chilis and stews as its acidity can provide a distraction from the sweetness of cinnamon.

This method works best if you have added just a little too much cinnamon. If you have added far in excess of the required amount, you will have to add a large amount of liquid. If you have to add too much liquid, you could wind up diluting your dish to the point where it is no longer palatable.

Physical removal

If you used ground cinnamon and you catch it in time, try removing the area with too much cinnamon. Note that this method only works if you have not stirred your dish to distribute the spice.

Use the right pairings

You can neutralize too much cinnamon in a dish by pairing the dish with the right foods. With a dessert like an apple pie, a scoop of ice cream can dilute and distract from the excess cinnamon.