Too Much Curry Powder? Try These Fixes

There are no fixed rules for making curry; what is too much curry powder for one person may be just the right amount for someone else. If you are new to curry and think that you have added too much curry powder, consider the fact that you may be dealing with the shock of experiencing multiple unfamiliar flavors at once. Give yourself some time to adjust to the taste. However, you will need to seek a solution if it is clear that you have gone overboard and that the dish is simply unpalatable. Before you give up and throw it out, consider the following tips.

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Make some more

The best and most effective options for rescuing your curry involve diluting it. The first option is to dilute by adding more of all the ingredients except for curry powder. This can dilute the curry flavor so that it is balanced in relation to the other flavors. Yes, you may wind up having more leftovers but it keeps you from having to throw out the dish.

Add coconut milk

Coconut milk is an excellent complement to most curries. Try to get a good balance between the curry flavor you want and the right texture for your dish. Of course, you do not want to dilute the other flavorful elements in your dish. You may need to add more ingredients like onions and peppers to ensure that you keep the desired flavor profile.

Add a stock

Beef, chicken, and vegetable stock are all equally effective for diluting strong flavors without adding undesirable notes. Note that there is the potential to make your dish watery and bland if you add too much thin stock. Adjust to taste and use cornstarch or another thickener if necessary.

Add some lentils

This is another tactic for diluting an overly flavorful curry without detracting from it. Lentils have a relatively mild flavor, which means that they can balance your curry without causing any flavor conflicts. Use the red variety to avoid having to soak them before use.

Add fried onions

The extra bulk provided by onions can help to dilute the excess curry flavor, but their flavor is the most important thing. When you fry onions, the sugar in them is caramelized. That caramelized sugar can make them sweeter. Their sweetness can balance any bitterness from the curry powder.

Add palm sugar

Palm sugar is another way that you can use sweetness to defeat the overpowering flavors that come with using too much curry powder. In addition, palm sugar is a popular ingredient in many Southeastern Asian curries.

Add potato

The starch in potato makes it an excellent tool for soaking up much of the spiciness that results from extra curry powder. Dice the potato to increase surface area. Along with reducing the curry’s intensity, diced potatoes can also serve as a thickener.

Add peeled tomatoes

A can of peeled tomatoes can dilute an overly concentrated curry while also providing sweetness and acidity. Both of those flavors are effective for neutralizing the bitterness of excess spice.

Add acid

Even without the sweetness, acids are great for erasing the bitterness of excess curry spices. Your best options include vinegar and lemon or lime juice. Acids can eliminate unwanted pungency without clashing with other flavors in the dish.