Lemongrass Substitute

What’s A Good Lemongrass Substitute?

The intense herbal and lemony flavor of lemongrass is found throughout Southeast Asian cuisine. The flavor of lemongrass is not one that you can omit and still expect to have an authentic tasting dish. Having fresh lemongrass on hand is, therefore, a good idea if you want to cook dishes …

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too much curry powder

Too Much Curry Powder? Try These Fixes

There are no fixed rules for making curry; what is too much curry powder for one person may be just the right amount for someone else. If you are new to curry and think that you have added too much curry powder, consider the fact that you may be dealing …

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Allspice Substitute

What’s A Good Allspice Substitute?

Allspice is widely used in dishes throughout the Caribbean and in Mexico. It is one of the main ingredients in Jamaican jerk seasoning, but its use has grown well beyond these roots – including being a popular holiday spice. If you run out or if you cannot find this spice …

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Too Much Basil

Too Much Basil? Here’s How To Fix It

Basil is a versatile herb when used in moderation. It can brighten up a large number of savory dishes, especially those that include tomatoes. As with most herbs, its qualities can quickly become drawbacks when it is used in excess. Too much basil can make your food bitter and unpalatable. …

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Cilantro Substitute

What’s A Good Cilantro Substitute?

Cilantro is known for its strong aroma and the fact that it is a popular ingredient in Latin American cuisine. This member of the carrot family is also the plant that supplies coriander, another popular seasoning. The flavor of cilantro is controversial in that while many love it, others find …

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Fennel Seed Substitute

What’s A Good Fennel Seed Substitute?

Fennel is a perennial flowering plant that is related to parsley. While the root and stalk can be cooked as vegetables, the seeds are a popular spice. Throughout history, fennel seeds have been used in various dishes as well as to freshen the breath after a meal. They are traditionally …

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Too Much Cilantro

Too Much Cilantro? How To Fix Your Meal

When you use it with restraint, cilantro can add a bright, fresh flavor to many dishes. It is especially important for Mexican favorites like salsa and guacamole but it is also a significant element in Indian, Chinese and Thai cooking. However, the zippy freshness that cilantro brings can become unpleasant …

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Oregano Substitute

What’s A Good Oregano Substitute?

Oregano is the herb everyone thinks of when making pizza sauce or pasta sauce. It is a common ingredient in many Greek recipes as well. In short, its zesty bite and slight peppery edge make it a versatile addition to a large number of savory dishes. This is one of …

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