Baharat Seasoning

Baharat Seasoning: History, Flavor, Benefits, Uses

The word baharat is thought to come from the Arabic word that means spice. Baharat seasoning is thought to have originated in North Africa; however it is most widely used in Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Like all traditional spice blends, there are certain core ingredients that comprise the backbone of …

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Lovage Substitute

What’s A Good Lovage Substitute?

Lovage is a member of the parsley family with a long history in European cooking. It provides an intense flavor that is perfect for potato dishes but that is versatile enough to be used in soups and stews. If you plan to cook authentic-tasting German or Eastern European dishes, you …

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Dried Herbs Vs Fresh

Dried Herbs Vs. Fresh – How Do They Compare?

There is a widespread notion that fresh herbs are superior to dried herbs, but that is not always true. Dried herbs often perform just as well as fresh and have the benefit of lasting for longer. The fact is that both forms have their benefits and drawbacks. In order to …

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Fresh Parsley Vs Dried

Fresh Parsley Vs. Dried – How Do They Compare?

Parsley is best known as a garnish that can make even the simplest dishes look attractive and fancy. Perhaps less known is the fact that it is actually a versatile herb with a distinctive flavor and a range of uses. Like most herbs, parsley is available in both dried and …

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Sage Substitute

What’s A Good Sage Substitute?

Sage is best known for its role in Thanksgiving dinner, where it is used to flavor the turkey and sometimes the stuffing as well. The fact that it works well with turkey does not mean that its use is limited to that one role. Its rich flavor is an excellent …

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Safflower Vs Saffron

Safflower Vs. Saffron – How Do They Compare?

Saffron is easily the world’s most expensive spice. In fact, throughout history, unscrupulous merchants have falsified it. In the Middle Ages, the problem of saffron adulteration was serious enough that those found guilty of committing it were executed. Even though the names sound similar, safflower is not a relative of …

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Safflower Substitute

What’s A Good Safflower Substitute?

The herb safflower is known for its bright yellow flowers, the petals of which are used both for dying fabrics and as a spice in Latin American, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern dishes. The seeds are also used to make oil that is regarded as heart healthy. The dried safflower …

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Mahlab substitute

What’s A Good Mahlab Substitute?

Mahlab is the spice made from the ground pit of a wild cherry that is used to flavor numerous Greek and Middle Eastern pastries. It is one of those flavors that is largely unfamiliar to western taste buds. If you are in the US, you may have a hard time …

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