Spices for grilled cheese

What Are Good Spices For Grilled Cheese?

Grilled cheese is often identified with American cuisine, even though the concept was around back in Ancient Rome. And the French have been known for croque monsieurs since the early 20th century. Many people grew up eating grilled cheeses and have carried their love of them into adulthood. Grilled cheese …

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Cooking with Caraway Seeds

Cooking With Caraway Seeds: The Dos And Don’ts

Caraway seeds may not be as widely recognized when compared to kitchen staples like cinnamon and nutmeg, but they do show up in a lot of classic recipes. You can use this spice in many other dishes since its flavors can stand in for others that provide a similar mild …

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Powdered Sugar Substitute

What’s A Good Powdered Sugar Substitute?

Powdered sugar is a versatile form of sugar that can be used both for its flavor and for its appearance. Use it to dust cakes, doughnuts, or as a fast-dissolving sweetener for cocktails. There are several suitable alternatives, so there is no need to give up on a dish if …

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Hulled vs Unhulled Sesame Seeds

Hulled Vs. Unhulled Sesame Seeds – How Do They Compare?

Sesame seeds have an exterior coat that can be removed. This coat is also known as the hull or the husk. Hulled sesame seeds are seeds with the hulls removed. You can tell which one is which by the fact that unhulled sesame seeds are brown. Hulled sesame seeds are …

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lemon pepper substitute

What’s A Good Lemon Pepper Substitute?

Lemon pepper is a popular and versatile seasoning blend. The best-known applications involve using it on poultry and fish; however, it can be used on beef and vegetables as well. This blend is useful enough to keep in your spice cabinet at all times. What should you do if you …

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Caraway Seeds Vs. Fennel Seeds

Caraway Seeds Vs. Fennel Seeds – How Do They Compare?

If you plan to make pork sausages or certain cabbage dishes, you will need caraway seeds or fennel seeds. These two spices can easily be mistaken for each other as they share many qualities; however, they are completely different ingredients that will bring different qualities to your dishes. When choosing …

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how to store basil

How To Store Basil For The Freshest Flavor

Basil is one of the more versatile herbs, and it’s easy to grow. The big problem is that fresh basil does not last very long and is unavailable year-round in many places. To get around this, there are a number of methods that you can use to preserve your basil. …

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best spices for chili

What Are The Best Spices For Chili?

Chili is easily the best-known Tex-Mex dish. It has been so popular for so long that it has transcended its regional roots and grown into a truly American dish, not just a Southwestern one. The popularity is due in part to the spices it contains. They give it a distinctive …

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