Field mint

Types of Mint Explored: A Guide to Common Mint Varieties

In the vast world of herbs, mint holds a special place with its refreshing aroma, distinctive flavor, and impressive health benefits. But did you know there are over 600 varieties of mint, each with its unique characteristics? This guide takes you on a fascinating journey through just the start of the …

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Rosemary: Exploring Its History, Flavor, And Culinary Uses

Rosemary, a perennial herb native to the Mediterranean region, has long been celebrated for its versatility, unique flavor, look, and, of course, its aromatic scent. From enhancing the flavor of culinary creations to serving as a decorative plant, rosemary has carved its place in history and continues to captivate spice …

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Thyme: Exploring Its History, Flavor, And Culinary Uses

Thyme, a versatile and aromatic herb, has been a staple in culinary traditions for thousands of years. Known for its distinctive, slightly minty and earthy flavor, thyme has been used to elevate a wide array of dishes, from savory roasts to delicate sauces. With a rich history that dates back …

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wasabi substitute

What’s A Good Wasabi Substitute?

Wasabi is the quintessential Japanese spice and is necessary if you decide to make your own homemade sashimi or wasabi peas. The problem is that real wasabi is hard to find and when you can find it, it tends to be expensive. That’s where wasabi substitutes come in. With the …

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Creole Seasoning

What’s A Good Creole Seasoning Substitute?

Creole seasoning provides the flavors of Creole cuisine, which you will need if you are making Creole favorites like etouffee or Jambalaya. It is one of Louisiana’s two main seasoning blends and something you should keep in your spice cabinet if food from that part of the world appeals to …

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Himalayan salt vs table salt

Himalayan Salt Vs. Table Salt—How Do They Compare?

Choosing the right salt for a particular dish can be challenging, especially since there are so many different types on the market. For example, Himalayan salt is a popular option, but does it offer anything that you would not get from regular table salt? Is it all that different, outside …

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vanilla paste substitute

Vanilla Powder Vs. Vanilla Paste—How Do They Compare?

Vanilla powder and vanilla paste are two great ways to add vanilla flavor to dishes. What’s more, neither of them contains alcohol, so neither will give the alcoholic aftertaste that can come with vanilla extract. How do these two forms of vanilla compare to each other? How should you use …

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Cassia buds

What’s A Good Cassia Buds Substitute?

Cassia buds are not as commonly used as other parts of the cassia tree, but they are still useful for providing a novel twist on the cinnamon flavor. However, that cassia buds are not a well-known spice means that you may have a hard time hunting them down. If you …

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