Black Pepper

Black Pepper: History, Flavor, Benefits, Uses

What is black pepper? The black pepper plant is a flowering vine (called Piper nigrum) that is native to India. What we know as “black peppers” are the vine’s green berries which are typically dried and used as a spice or seasoning. Black pepper is one of the most popular …

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carob vs cacao

Carob Vs. Cacao – How Do They Compare?

Both carob and cacao are considered healthier alternatives to cocoa powder. They both provide important nutritional advantages over traditional cocoa powder, but how do they compare? Are they interchangeable? What are the best ways to use each of them? Let’s break down how similar and different carob and taco really …

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Portuguese Spices

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Portuguese Spices?

Portuguese cuisine utilizes spices, possibly more than the food of any other European country. The use of spices most likely comes from the nation’s history as a major colonial power that controlled various spice-producing countries. Some of the most popular Portuguese spices include your options below. Peri-peri Peri-peri is an …

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Cooking with chamomile

Cooking With Chamomile: The Dos And Don’ts

Chamomile is famous for its mild sedative properties and light apple-like fragrance and flavor. It belongs to the daisy family, and humans have used it since ancient times. While the plants come from Europe, you will also find them throughout the New World. Chamomile is relatively easy to prepare and …

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Maldon sea salt

Fleur de Sel Vs. Maldon Salt – How Do They Compare?

Both fleur de sel and Maldon salt are upscale salts primarily used for finishing dishes. They are both sea salts prized by serious cooks for having bright, clean flavor profiles. Aside from those similarities, there are some important differences between the two. While you should probably have both in your …

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Cooking with chicory root and chicory greens

Cooking With Chicory: The Dos And Don’ts

Chicory is an herb related to endive and radicchio. You can use the tops as salad vegetables, or you can saute them. You can also prepare the roots and use them as an additive for coffee. Chicory root is essential when making New Orleans-style coffee, which may be made entirely …

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table salt vs sea salt

Table Salt Vs. Sea Salt – How Do They Compare?

Along with adding flavor to food, salt is essential for human life. Foods that would have bitter and muddy flavors without salt become rich and flavorful when it is added. Sea salt and table salt are two common forms of salt that will be familiar to most experienced cooks. How …

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Cocoa Powder Substitute

What’s A Good Cocoa Powder Substitute?

Cocoa powder is the preferred ingredient for giving chocolate desserts their flavor and color. It is what is used in most chocolate cake recipes as well as in recipes for brownies, chocolate pudding, and homemade chocolate ice cream. If you find that you are out of cocoa powder and don’t …

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