What’s A Good Worcestershire Sauce Substitute?

Worcestershire sauce is a staple in many kitchens because of its versatility when it comes to adding flavor to savory dishes. It offers a unique and distinctive quality to marinades and sauces. While no alternative for it will be perfect, some Worcestershire sauce substitutes will provide some of its benefits.

Your best bet: Make it from scratch

Worcestershire sauce typically involves an extended period of fermentation to achieve its complex savory flavor profile. If you want to make your own quickly, you won’t be able to let it age but you can still get something that tastes similar by using the right ingredients.

There are multiple recipes for homemade Worcestershire sauce available online that use certain core ingredients such as soy sauce and vinegar to get the fermented taste, fish sauce for the umami element and tamarind paste for the fruitiness. Many commercial Worcestershire sauce blends are made with at least some of these ingredients. Homemade Worcestershire sauce may be used as a 1:1 substitute for the bottled commercial kind.

Note: There are several fish-free vegan Worcestershire sauce recipes. These recipes use mushroom or tamari to provide the umami component.

A decent second choice: Soy sauce and lime juice

The combination of soy sauce and lime juice is one of the simplest substitutes for Worcestershire sauce. Soy sauce is often listed as one of the ingredients in commercial Worcestershire sauce because of the saltiness and umami that it offers as well as the molasses-like brown color. Flavor and color are a couple of the factors that make it a good stand-in when you combine it with lime juice.

Lime juice provides the fruitiness and acidity that are important for the Worcestershire sauce flavor profile. Both soy sauce and lime juice have the benefit of being easy to find.

The soy sauce and lime juice combination works well in marinades as the acidity of the lime juice will help to tenderize meat.

In a pinch: HP or A1 Sauce

Popular in Britain and Canada, HP sauce is a condiment for savory foods. Like Worcestershire sauce, its origin is in Britain. It is a tangy sauce with fruity elements designed for use on savory foods. It contains tamarind, which is responsible for much of Worcestershire sauce’s flavor profile. While thicker than Worcestershire sauce and sweeter, you can use it as a replacement in some recipes. Note that it might not be the best option for marinades to use on meat that you plan to grill. The higher sugar content may cause it to burn quickly.

The A1 Sauce that is found in America has a similar flavor profile to HP sauce and may be used in place of Worcestershire sauce as well.

Other alternatives

Nam Prik Pla is a Thai table condiment consisting of fish sauce, lime juice, and bird’s eye chiles. It has a strong umami flavor, tartness, and heat. It can make a good Worcestershire sauce substitute, especially if Worcestershire sauce is too mild for you. Alternatively, you can just omit the chilies to get the umami and the tartness with no heat. Nuoc cham is a Vietnamese sauce often made with the same ingredients.

Wine vinegar on its own can provide some of what you want from Worcestershire sauce since it offers a fermented flavor, but it will be an even closer match if you add some fish sauce to it.