What Are Good Spices For Scrambled Eggs?

Scrambled eggs are a true blank-slate food; it is one of those dishes that offers much more in terms of texture than flavor. This also means that you can use almost any spice, herb, or combination of spices and herbs with it. They will almost always work, it just depends on the effect that you want from your eggs. Below we look at some of the best seasonings for scrambled eggs. As combos they often work quite well.

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Black or white pepper

Both black and white pepper come from the same plant. They are the same drupe at different stages of development and which has been processed in two different ways. Black pepper is the black pepper berry before it ripens and with the skin intact; white pepper is the ripened berry with the skin removed. Black pepper is hotter and more piney; white pepper is more aromatic but has a simpler and earthier flavor with less heat. Both are traditional in scrambled eggs, which you choose depending on your preferred flavor profile and how you want your eggs to look.


Cayenne pepper can bring more intense heat to scrambled eggs than both hot sauce and black or white peppers. It does so without the acidity or moisture associated with hot sauce.


Chives are another traditional addition to scrambled eggs; they make an excellent savory complement to the flavor. The onion notes you get from chives are subtle, but they stand out perfectly against the bland background. The other benefit of chives is visual. Chopped chives add attractive green flecks to the bright yellow of scrambled eggs.

Curry Powder

Curry powder is a more flavorful and arguably more colorful addition than the other options on this list. Because of those characteristics, it may not be the ideal breakfast spice for everyone; however, it can give your eggs a boost if you want something more complex.


If you want to add heat to your eggs but would also prefer that the heat not linger, wasabi can be a great alternative to chile peppers. Wasabi is strong enough to give your eggs an eye-opening pungency, but the source of its heat is water-soluble and will disappear quickly.


Dill is one of the herbs that work best with scrambled eggs. Like chives, it brings a subtle flavor. Dill’s flavor is sweet with elements of citrus, and it works as a background note for other, brighter flavors that might be used in scrambled eggs. You can also use it alone to give your eggs a subtle herbal quality. The bright green feathery fronds of dill also make an attractive contrast with the color of scrambled whole eggs.


As far as herbs go, thyme is strong. It gives a more aggressive savory note to your scrambled eggs, so you may want to use less of it than you would dill or chives.

Hot sauce

The typical hot sauce used on scrambled eggs is of the Tabasco variety. It can be added to the eggs before or during cooking, or you can add it to cooked eggs at the table. In both cases, it brings low-medium heat and a little acidity. If you add hot sauce before or during cooking, much of the moisture will evaporate so that your scrambled eggs will not be wet. Of course, this is a matter of preference.