What Are Good Spices For Hamburgers?

The best spices for hamburgers are all relatively common so you probably already have them in your spice cabinet. You will want to use them in moderation to ensure that you amplify the flavor of the patty rather than distract from it. Here is a look at some good spices for hamburgers that will help you to beef up their flavor.

Worcestershire sauce

With a tang that comes from the fact that it is fermented as well as ingredients like tamarind, Worcestershire sauce is an exceptional seasoning for all kinds of beef dishes including hamburgers.

In addition to adding a complex blend of sweet and tart flavors, Worcestershire sauce is a great source of the umami flavor that will enhance the meaty, savory nature of your hamburgers. Also important is the fact that it is a liquid, unlike most of the other hamburger spices. It will add moisture to your burgers, which will keep them from drying out in the skillet or on the grill.

Black pepper

Arguably the most widely used spice in the world, black pepper brings a mild heat and a touch of citrus flavor to your hamburgers. For best results, grind whole peppercorns fresh and use them to create a thick coating on the patty’s exterior.

Like all whole spices, freshly ground pepper gives a brighter flavor. A coarser grind will enhance your burger’s texture as well as its flavor. One of the benefits of back pepper is that it pairs well with virtually every other spice in existence.

Garlic powder

Another universally loved spice, garlic can add a lot more depth of flavor to your hamburger patties. The best form of garlic to use in a hamburger is garlic powder. The fine granules are more easily mixed into the ground meat than chopped garlic.

Alternatively, you can combine garlic powder with the other spices on this list for sprinkling on the outside of the patty. In addition to the pungent sulfurous notes that garlic powder will bring, your burgers will take on a meatier and more intensely savory flavor.

Onion powder

Like garlic powder, onion powder will be a better option than mixing chopped onion into ground beef. You can use it in the same way as garlic powder — by mixing it in or using it to make a spice coating for the burger. In addition to complementing the meatiness of ground beef, onion powder will give it a nuttiness that is particularly enjoyable in a hamburger.


While it is not a traditional addition to hamburger patties, basil is an excellent seasoning for them. Both fresh and dried basil will work in a hamburger. Basil brings a strong minty flavor with a touch of licorice and citrus that is an excellent seasoning for beef. The beef and basil combination has long been popular in Italian meatballs and works well in Thai dishes as well.

Montreal steak seasoning

As the name suggests, Montreal steak seasoning is supposed to be used on steak; however, it will work on any form or grilled beef. Its ingredients include garlic, black pepper and dill seed in as well as coriander seed.

Mixed into ground beef, it will give your hamburgers a complex blend of sweetness from aromatic spices like the coriander and dill along with a little spicy kick from the pepper. You can also sprinkle it on the outside to form a crunchy crust so that it enhances the texture as well.