Kasuri methi substitute

What’s A Good Kasuri Methi Substitute?

Kasuri methi (or kasoori methi) is a culinary herb that is especially popular in certain parts of India. Outside of the subcontinent, you might call it dried fenugreek leaves. These leaves are usually crumbled over curries to give the dish a savory herbal flavor along with a slight bitterness. The …

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Curry spices

What Are Some Of The Best Curry Spices?

While there is a lot more to Indian cuisine than spices, it would be incorrect to say that spices are not a fundamental aspect. Similarly, curry dishes make up a significant part of Indian food culture even though there is vastly more to Indian cuisine than curry. While many spices …

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cooking with turmeric

Cooking With Turmeric: The Dos And Don’ts

Turmeric has a long history of use in Southern Asia but has become popular in the Western world because of its nutritional benefits. It contains a compound called curcumin which is known to have powerful antioxidant properties. As a result, a diet high in the nutrients from turmeric is thought …

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fajita vs taco seasoning

Fajita Vs. Taco Seasoning – How Do They Compare?

Fajita and taco seasoning are two spice blends that both have their origins in Mexican cuisine and are combinations of the most widely used Mexican spices. They serve as an easy way to add traditional flavor notes to popular Mexican dishes and are often viewed as interchangeable. But how similar …

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msg substitute

What’s A Good MSG Substitute?

Umami is a flavor that many cooks actively try to develop in their dishes. It is the meaty, rich flavor that makes savory foods delicious. If you want to increase umami flavor, the most convenient option is usually monosodium glutamate (MSG). While MSG has been classified as safe by the …

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cooking with chia seeds

Cooking With Chia Seeds: The Dos And Don’ts

Chia seeds have been cultivated and consumed for millennia in Central America. They have only recently become trendy in the U.S., with many recognizing this ingredient’s tremendous nutritional value. Like most ingredients, chia seeds require you to use them properly to get the greatest benefits. Let’s review some of the …

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Oatmeal Spices

What Are Some Of The Best Oatmeal Spices?

Oatmeal is known as much for its important health benefits as for its blandness. If you want to make your oatmeal tastier and more exciting to eat, try one of the spices for oatmeal below. Vanilla One of the traditional spices for desserts and breakfast breads, vanilla works well in …

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spices for taco meat

What Are Good Spices For Taco Meat?

Taco meat is a relatively simple dish and may seem foolproof, but there are ways that you can ruin it. The seasonings you use play a crucial role. If you want an authentic and balanced flavor profile, you will need the right ingredients. Here are some suggestions for the best …

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