Tarragon Vs. Thyme

Tarragon Vs. Thyme: SPICEography Showdown

Tarragon and thyme are both commonly used in French cooking. They show up in many dishes together. How similar are they? Is tarragon a good thyme replacement and vice versa? Let’s take a closer look at these two herbs in this edition of SPICEography Showdown. How does tarragon differ from …

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Can you Freeze Oregano

Can You Freeze Oregano?

Oregano is one of the world’s most popular herbs. Like most fresh herbs, oregano’s shelf life will be relatively short unless you take steps to preserve it. Because of how quickly fresh oregano spoils and because its flavor can be strong, the most popular way to preserve this herb is …

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Chamomile Companion Plants

What Are The Best Chamomile Companion Plants?

Chamomile is known to many gardeners as a medicinal tea herb. You can harvest the blooms fresh or dried and use them to make a tea that is renowned for its mild sedative effects. It has benefits in the garden as well. Chamomile has in the past been referred to …

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Parsley Companion Plants

What Are The Best Parsley Companion Plants?

Parsley is a popular herb garden plant, and not just because it is nutritious and visually appealing. Parsley is considered an all-purpose growth stimulator by some gardeners. It is also an excellent companion plant that pairs well with many other herbs and vegetables in your garden. There are also a …

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Growing Chamomile

Growing Chamomile: A Quick And Dirty Guide

Chamomile is a flower in the Asteraceae family that is used as a medicine, dye, and decorative plant. Chamomile is considered a perennial in warmer hardiness zones but doesn’t live for very long even under ideal circumstances, so it is usually grown as an annual. Chamomile flowers offer two benefits: …

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Growing Parsley

Growing Parsley: A Quick And Dirty Guide

Parsley has a reputation among some gardeners for being particularly difficult to grow, but it’s doable if you know what steps to take. Once it becomes established in your garden or a container indoors, parsley is very easy to maintain. There are two main kinds of parsley, flat-leaf and curly-leaf, …

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basil vs cilantro

Basil Vs. Cilantro: SPICEography Showdown

Basil and cilantro are two popular culinary herbs in North America, Asia, and many parts of Europe. Both are widely available and have some flavor notes in common. If you are unfamiliar with these herbs or simply want to experiment, it is natural to wonder how basil and cilantro compare. …

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tarragon companion plants

What Are The Best Tarragon Companion Plants?

Tarragon is a culinary herb in the Asteraceae family, which includes lettuce and sunflowers as well as artichokes. The tarragon used for cooking will be of the French rather than the Russian variety, which does not have much flavor. French tarragon has a strong reputation as an all-purpose companion plant …

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