Shoyu vs. miso

Shoyu Vs. Miso: How Do They Compare?

Shoyu and miso are both made from fermenting soybeans and other grains. They share a history that connects them to Ancient Chinese jiang, a soy paste. In the centuries since the invention of jiang, it made its way to Japan, where shoyu and miso have become key ingredients in that …

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Nutmeg Substitute

What’s A Good Nutmeg Substitute?

A lack of nutmeg should not keep you from making a recipe that calls for it. Most ingredients in cooking are replaceable if you are willing to research the substitutes and learn how to use them correctly. Nutmeg may seem like a difficult flavor to replace, but it can be …

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Too much vinegar

Too Much Vinegar? Balance The Flavor With These Tips

Vinegar is an easy way to add a tart note to many foods and is essential for marinades, salad dressings, and pickles. On the other hand, too much vinegar can make a dish unpleasant to eat. If you have added more vinegar than a dish needs, there are ways to …

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Tarragon Substitute

What’s A Good Tarragon Substitute?

Tarragon has a distinctive flavor that many people simply don’t care for. Whether you’ve found a recipe you’d love to try making without the use of this ingredient or you simply don’t have any on hand, there are several herbs that make a great substitute for tarragon. Dried tarragon as …

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Rosemary Substitute

What’s A Good Rosemary Substitute?

Many recipes call for rosemary and with its distinct and complex flavor, you may find yourself without this vital ingredient and thinking you won’t possibly be able to save your dish. While it’s true that there is no other herb or spice with a flavor quite like it, there are …

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Too Much Cinnamon

Too Much Cinnamon? How To Fix Your Dish

When used in the right way, cinnamon can give sweetness and an exotic flair to many dishes; however, cinnamon can be problematic when you go overboard with it. Too much cinnamon can make a savory dish unpleasantly sweet. Even in desserts, it can overpower every other flavor so that you …

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Mint Substitute

What’s A Good Mint Substitute?

Mint is a useful herb to keep on hand. It is excellent for flavoring smoothies and other drinks; you can use it to complement savory flavors in a variety of dishes as well. You can add mint leaves to your spaghetti sauce, use it to make a pesto for chicken …

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Too much soy sauce

Too Much Soy Sauce? Ways To Fix Your Dish

Soy sauce is great for umami, saltiness, and a deep flavor in Asian and certain Asian-inspired West Indian dishes. Though, too much of it can ruin a dish’s flavor and appearance. Here are some fixes if you have added too much soy sauce. Dilute Depending on the kind of dish, …

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