Vanilla Powder Vs. Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Powder Vs. Vanilla Extract – How Do They Compare?

Vanilla powder and vanilla extract offer two ways to add vanilla flavor to desserts, beverages, and pastries. While they are both effective, they do not have exactly the same characteristics. Let’s compare them so that you can decide which is right for your application. What are the differences between vanilla …

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lemon balm vs mint

Lemon Balm Vs. Mint – How Do They Compare?

Lemon balm and mint are two herbs used all over the world in both savory and sweet preparations. Mint is the more common of the two herbs and you will probably have an easier time finding it in your local grocery store’s produce section when compared to the slightly more …

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Jamaican curry powder substitute

What’s A Good Jamaican Curry Powder Substitute?

If you want to make Jamaican favorites like goat curry, your best shot at replicating the authentic taste will be to find a Jamaican curry powder blend. You should be able to find one if you have a Jamaican grocery store nearby. And some grocery stores may have a Jamaican …

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turbinado sugar vs white sugar

Turbinado Sugar Vs. White Sugar – How Do They Compare?

Turbinado sugar and white sugar are just two of the many types of sugar that you may see on grocery store shelves. Both are sweeteners and different versions of the same thing, but what exactly are the differences? Can they be used in the same applications? In the same way? …

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Ashwagandha substitute

What’s A Good Ashwagandha Substitute?

Ashwagandha is an herb prescribed in Ayurveda as a supplement that reduces anxiety and improves mood. While it can be implemented in a variety of culinary applications (and we cover some here among the substitutes), its benefits lie in the area of its effects rather than its flavor. It is …

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lemon balm substitute

What’s A Good Lemon Balm Substitute?

Lemon balm is an ancient herb that has long been used both for its medicinal benefits and for its flavor. Because it is not the most widely used herb, the best way to get your hands on some is probably to grow it yourself. If you need it right now, …

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Chervil Uses

Ten Classic Chervil Uses

Chervil looks a little like flat-leaf parsley (a.k.a. Italian or French parsley) combined with cilantro. It has the same frilly leaves that can be flat or tightly curled. The big difference is that chervil leaves are smaller and thinner than those of cilantro and parsley. You will see chervil used a lot in French …

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Almond flour

Cooking With Almond Flour: The Dos and Don’ts

Almond flour is a great alternative to grain flour. It is versatile enough to be swapped out in many dishes despite the fact that it has completely different characteristics. Whether you want to use almond flour for its own benefits like its nutty flavor or high protein content or you …

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