cooking with lemongrass

Cooking With Lemongrass: The Dos And Don’ts

Lemongrass is an herb from Southeast Asia that grows in tropical climates. As the name indicates, it has a strong lemony flavor that is often used to complement Thai and Vietnamese dishes, but the flavor is versatile enough to work in European dishes as well. While citrus fruits can be …

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madras curry powder substitute

What’s A Good Madras Curry Powder Substitute?

Madras curry powder is not actually Indian in the sense that Indians did not come up with it. It’s a British blend of Indian spices meant to appeal to British taste buds. It is notable for the fact that it touched off Britain’s love affair with Indian flavors, which continues …

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curry paste vs curry powder

Curry Paste Vs. Curry Powder – How Do They Compare?

Curry paste and curry powder each have the word curry in their name, so it is easy to understand how someone might get them mixed up. In addition, both are associated with Southeast Asian cuisine and have flavor profiles that may seem exotic to western taste buds. So, how similar …

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black salt - kala namak

What’s A Good Black Salt Substitute?

The Indian black salt that is also known as kala namak is unique among salts for its flavor combined with its striking appearance. If you need to make chaat masala or other Indian dishes that call for it, it will be crucial for an authentic flavor. Similarly, it is a …

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orange peel vs orange zest

Orange Zest Vs. Orange Peel – How Do They Compare?

If you want to add the orange flavor to a dish, the traditional way to do it is with orange peel or orange zest. Orange peel includes the zest, but the zest does not include the peel. Which should you choose? Let’s compare orange peel vs. orange zest so that …

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Caprese Salad_Mediterranean Spices

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Mediterranean Spices?

Mediterranean spices and herbs are a big part of the region’s food culture, which is known for producing some of the world’s most flavorful dishes. Most classic Italian, Greek and Spanish dishes are known for the flavor profiles that their seasonings bring. Many of those ingredients are native while others …

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Himalayan salt vs sea salt

Himalayan Salt Vs. Sea Salt – How Do They Compare?

Himalayan salt and sea salt are both popular finishing salts that can add flavor to dishes and make an attractive presentation as well. Both are believed to be better than regular table salt, but how do they compare to each other? Do they taste the same? Do they look the …

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Spices for Chocolate Chip Cookies

What Are Good Spices To Add To Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Chocolate cookies are among the most popular baked goods in the world. Originally called Toll House cookies, you can find numerous variations on the chocolate chip cookie theme. When it comes to flavorings, most chocolate chip cookie recipes are simple, with only a few key flavors. Still, the recipe can …

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