Sunflower butter vs. almond butter

Sunflower Butter Vs. Almond Butter: SPICEography Showdown

Sunflower butter and almond butter are two of the more common nut and seed butters. Both are widely considered to be excellent alternatives to peanut butter and can be used interchangeably in many applications. That said, there are some important differences that you can learn about in the SPICEography Showdown …

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Nutella Vs. Peanut Butter

Nutella Vs. Peanut Butter: SPICEography Showdown

Nutella and peanut butter are two incredibly popular nut-based treats. Nutella is more of a newcomer in the US, though it has been a part of European cuisine for decades. They are both typically used in the same ways, but have very different properties. Let’s compare them in this SPICEography …

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Nutella Substitute

What’s A Good Nutella Substitute?

Nutella is an immensely popular treat that is commonly used as a spread for bread. It consists of hazelnut butter flavored with chocolate. Nutella is easy to find in most places and has a distinctive flavor that won’t be easy to replicate. That said, here are some good Nutella substitutes …

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Nutella: History, Flavor, Benefits, Uses

Nutella’s inventor was an Italian pastry chef from Turin named Pietro Ferrero. According to legend, Fererro invented Nutella to be a sweet treat for factory workers. The blend of chocolate and hazelnuts was not new, as the two were already combined in a traditional confection from Piedmont called gianduja. In …

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Almond butter vs. peanut butter

Almond Butter Vs. Peanut Butter: SPICEography Showdown

Almond butter and peanut butter are two popular nut butters. Both provide many of the same benefits to a dish, both in terms of flavor and nutrition; however, they also have some contrasting characteristics. We compare them in the SPICEography Showdown below. How does almond butter differ from peanut butter? …

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Sunflower butter vs. peanut butter

Sunflower Butter Vs. Peanut Butter: SPICEography Showdown

Sunflower butter is often marketed as an alternative to peanut butter. The two share many qualities, but they are also different in some important ways. It is important to compare them carefully before choosing one over the other. Let’s take a look at sunflower butter and peanut butter in this …

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Sunflower butter substitute

What’s A Good Sunflower Butter Substitute?

Sunflower butter is arguably the most popular seed butter and is widely considered one of the best nut butter substitutes for people with allergies. If there is none in your pantry or your local brick and mortar stores don’t carry it, you do have options. Here are some of the …

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Sunflower butter

Sunflower Butter: History, Flavor, Benefits, Uses

Sunflower butter is made mainly from roasted and ground sunflower seeds, but sometimes sunflower oil may be added in to give it a better consistency. Historians believe that sunflowers are one of the first crops cultivated in the Americas, and may well have been cultivated even before corn. Domestication of …

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