Coconut aminos vs. soy sauce

Coconut Aminos Vs. Soy Sauce: SPICEography Showdown

Coconut aminos and soy sauce are popular liquid seasoning sauces. They look and taste a lot alike but are actually two different condiments. While they do share some characteristics, It is a good idea to understand what each has to offer before you pick one or the other. The SPICEography …

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Coconut aminos vs. liquid aminos

Coconut Aminos Vs. Liquid Aminos: SPICEography Showdown

Coconut aminos and liquid aminos will be two of your best options if you are looking for healthy soy sauce substitutes. Both can provide the deep brown color, saltiness, and umami that you would get from soy sauce without some of its less desirable characteristics. For example, both contain less …

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Coconut aminos substitute

What’s A Good Coconut Aminos Substitute?

Coconut aminos seasoning sauce offers a way to add saltiness and umami to your favorite dishes. You can use it to flavor cuisine from all over the world, including both Asian- and Western-style dishes. Since it is not always the easiest condiment to find, here is a look at some …

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Coconut aminos

Coconut Aminos: Umami From Coconut Trees

Origin of coconut aminos Coconut aminos seasoning sauce is a sauce made from the sap or nectar of coconut trees. This is the same sap that is harvested to make coconut sugar and coconut vinegar. The sap has been harvested and used in cooking for centuries. Coconut sap is harvested …

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Fish Sauce Vs. Worcestershire Sauce

Fish Sauce Vs. Worcestershire Sauce: SPICEography Showdown

Fish sauce and Worcestershire sauce both have their origins in Asia, and they do have some flavors in common. That said, you will want to learn more about these two sauces before you choose one over the other. This SPICEography Showdown has a closer look at both of them. How …

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Worcestershire Sauce

Cooking With Worcestershire Sauce: The Dos And Don’ts

Worcestershire sauce is a quintessentially British condiment that is said to have originated in India or other parts of South Asia, no one is certain. While apocryphal stories about British aristocrats in India abound, what is agreed on is that it began as an attempt to mimic flavors from that …

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Peanut Sauce Substitute

What’s A Good Peanut Sauce Substitute?

Peanut sauce is an important condiment in Thai, Malay, and Indonesian food cultures. Each culture has its variation of it with different ingredients to enhance the nutty flavor of the peanuts. Indonesian sambal kacang is different from the Thai satay sauce. Here a few substitutes for peanut sauce that will …

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Peanut Sauce

Peanut Sauce: The South Asian Satay Sauce

Peanut sauce history Peanut sauce is also known as satay sauce and is most often associated with Thai cooking, at least in the West. Peanut sauce and variants of the satay dish are found throughout South Asian cuisine. Indonesian and Malay cuisine both include versions of it and peanut sauce. …

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