Too Much Cardamom? Here Are Some Tips For Saving Your Dish

too much cardamom

The floral, minty notes of cardamom quickly become unpleasantly medicinal if you use too much of it. Failing to exercise moderation with this spice can make your dish inedible. Cardamom works best when it is used as a background note for other flavors, not when it is the only thing that you can taste. While you may be tempted to throw out a dish with too much cardamom in it, don’t give up. There are several options for rescuing your meal.

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Too Much Coriander? Eliminate the Bitterness With These Solutions

too much coriander

Coriander is a versatile spice that shows up in curries, beer and can be used to add complexity to a dry rub. Coriander typically works best as a complement to other spices and stronger flavors; in other words, it works best as a background note. You have to use a lot for it to become truly overpowering but when used in excess, it pushes its way to the forefront and can make a dish excessively bitter. If you are faced with this problem and need a way to counteract the effects of too much coriander, you have options. Consider the following remedies.

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What’s A Good Holy Basil Substitute?

Holy basil substitute

Considered sacred in India, holy basil is used heavily in Thai and Vietnamese cooking. It offers an intense aroma that is similar to that from cloves along with a mild peppery bite and subtle licorice notes. The herb is best known for its use in drunken stir fry dishes from Thailand. In fact, if you want to make this type of Thai food, holy basil will be an important factor in getting the right flavor; however, it may not be the easiest herb to find. If your local Asian market is out or you need some right away, consider one of the substitutes.

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How To Store Cilantro For The Freshest Flavor

how to store cilantro

Like most fresh herbs, cilantro has a short shelf life. In addition to its short usable life, preservation can be difficult as well. Because it is a delicate herb, simply sticking it in the freezer will result in a slimy mush when you thaw it. This is because the enzymes that break down plant matter will work on cilantro’s tissues even while it is frozen. In order to keep it fresh for long periods, you will need to learn the best techniques for storing cilantro. There are various options for keeping your cilantro usable for long periods.

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