Is Cinnamon Good for Your Skin?

Much of the world’s cinnamon comes from southern Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and India, and people in those regions have been using cinnamon medicinally for centuries. Skin problems are among the conditions that this spice is used to treat. Cinnamon is versatile and can be used on skin in a number of ways including as a mask in the form of an oil and so on. Here are some of the ways that you can use cinnamon as a part of your skincare regimen.

To plump the skin

Three drops of cinnamon essential oil mixed with petroleum jelly or olive oil can help to erase lines by plumping out the skin. This is because one of cinnamon’s effects is to bring blood to the skin’s surface. Note that the eye area should be avoided since cinnamon can cause burning if it gets into your eyes.

For scalp cleansing

Because cinnamon brings blood to the surface of the skin, it can help your hair follicles to get nourishment. Mix a teaspoon of ground cinnamon with a teaspoon of honey along with a quarter cup of olive oil. Massage the mixture firmly into your scalp and let it sit for 15 minutes before washing it out with shampoo.

For treating eczema

Mix a teaspoon of ground cinnamon with a teaspoon of honey and apply it to affected skin. This should not be used on children or if you suffer from eczema on your face. It is best to test it on a small area of skin to see if it causes irritation.

For treating acne

Cinnamon can help to clear up acne on your face and back by both drying the skin out and bringing blood to the surface. For this treatment, mix three tablespoons of honey with one tablespoon of ground cinnamon and rub the paste onto the pimples. Leave the mixture on your skin overnight. You can also apply it as a mask to your face and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. It is not a good idea to apply a cinnamon mask more than once a week due to the potential for skin irritation.

As an antiseptic

Cinnamon can be used as an antiseptic and an anti-fungal agent. It is known to fight bacterial strains that are resistant to antibiotics like Staphylococcus aureus. It can also be applied to open cuts to help prevent sepsis and shorten healing time.

As an exfoliating agent

Ground cinnamon is excellent for exfoliation and can be used to get rid of dead skin thus increasing its suppleness. Combine with lemon juice, olive oil, and milk to make a foot bath for roughened feet.