Everything Bagel Seasoning: A New York City Spice Blend

Everything bagel seasoning refers to the blends of seeds and other toppings applied to the exterior of everything bagels. Everything bagel seasoning is responsible for the complex savory flavor of everything bagels, which may be the most popular bagel variety.

Everything bagels are relatively new to the scene. While there are several who claim to have invented them, the most likely inventor is an advertising executive named David Gussin who worked at a bakery in Howard Beach when he was 15 years old. According to Gussin, it was at this bakery that the everything bagel originated in 1980. Several others claim to have invented it first, including entrepreneur and author Seth Godin and marketer Brandon Steiner. Both say they invented the everything bagel in the 1970s years before Gussin’s version.

According to Gussin, the first everything bagel was seasoned with the leftover toppings from other bagels that he had swept up off the oven floor. He collected them in a bin and suggested that the owner use them on a new type of bagel. Customers loved the invention and soon were flocking to the bakery for it.

Gussin does acknowledge that he might not have been the first to come up with the idea of using a wide variety of toppings on a bagel; however, does lay claim to the name. According to Gussin, he was the first to call it the everything bagel name and there is little evidence that anyone used the term before him.

Everything bagel seasoning flavor profile

Everything bagel seasoning’s flavor profile is mainly nutty due to the sesame and poppy seeds. The dried minced onion and garlic will give it an aromatic and savory note to accompany the nuttiness.

Health benefits of everything bagel seasoning

Everything bagel seasoning is used in small amounts. You only get a teaspoon or two of it per bagel at most; however, most of its ingredients are very nutritious. It includes seeds that are known to be rich in minerals. Because different blends will have different proportions of the ingredients, the nutritional profile will differ slightly from blend to blend. Everything bagel seasoning can provide nutrients like:

  • Vitamins: Several of the ingredients in the typical everything bagel seasoning blend are sources of important vitamins, especially B vitamins like riboflavin and niacin. Sesame seeds are an especially good source of B vitamins but also contain vitamin E.
  • Minerals: The seeds and other ingredients in everything bagel seasoning contain minerals. Sesame seeds and poppy seeds are both good sources of calcium while the dried minced onion and garlic both provide potassium.

When you add everything bagel seasoning to your diet, you can expect benefits like the treatment and prevention of health problems including:

  • Constipation: The fiber-rich ingredients in everything bagel seasoning can help with digestion. The fiber helps to make bowel movements more regular, which relieves constipation.
  • Obesity: Despite the flavor and texture that it contributes, everything bagel is not a significant source of calories. You can use it with no worries that it will cause weight gain.

Common uses

Everything bagel seasoning has become trendy in recent years and gets used for more than just a topping for bagels. It has shown up on many baked goods including hotdog buns, pizza crust, and even croissants. It can be sprinkled on to popcorn, baked potatoes or added to a dry rub for grilled meats.