Nine Savory Everything Bagel Seasoning Uses

Everything bagel seasoning has its intended use right there in its name but the list of other recipes that it can enhance is pretty long. A seasoning blend with a complex mix of flavors including seeds as well as onion and garlic, everything bagel seasoning can work in applications like:


You can use everything bagel seasoning as a topping on regular bread dough. Its nutty, umami note will enhance the flavor and texture of bland white bread. You can also use it as an alternative to sesame seeds on your homemade hamburger buns.

Roasted meat

While everything bagel seasoning on its own may not be enough to season meats, it can certainly play an important role as a part of a dry rub. Garlic and onion are great for their savory qualities while sesame seeds and poppy seeds can add crunch. Use everything bagel seasoning on poultry, pork and even fish.

Breading for fried foods

Everything bagel seasoning makes a crunchy, nutty addition to breading. It will add a savory enhancement to the breading for chicken strips, pork chops and even catfish nuggets whether they are cooked in a deep fryer or an air fryer. You won’t need to add that much, just a couple of tablespoons in your panko or flour mix will elevate your fried foods significantly.


Tired of the monotonous flavor and texture of fried eggs? Everything bagel seasoning may help. Just add it to your fried eggs during the cooking process to improve flavor, appearance and texture. You can add it to scrambled eggs a well for similar benefits.


Use everything bagel seasoning to coat the outside of your hotdog buns. Not only will it give the relatively mild flavor of the traditional hotdog a boost, but it will also deliver a much-needed crunchy element. If you are using pre-made hotdog buns, you can still use everything bagel seasoning — just sprinkle it on like your other toppings.


While many people believe that fries should only be served with salt, a sizable number enjoy a more complex flavor profile. Sprinkle on some everything bagel seasoning along with salt for some extra flavor and crunch.


Traditional croissants have no toppings and purists prefer them that way; however, everything bagel seasoning can provide the same benefits to a buttery croissant that it does to other kinds of bread. Sprinkle it on the outside before putting croissants in the oven for a delightful umami flavor as well as an intense crunch.


One of the good things about everything bagel seasoning is how well it enhances flavor along with texture. The fact that it contains onion and garlic means that it is great for flavoring food items that would otherwise be relatively bland. Combine your everything bagel seasoning with butter and use that seasoned butter on vegetables like Brussels sprouts, beets, and even squash. You can add it to potatoes as well.


The seeds and nuts in everything bagel seasoning are a great textural enhancement for salads. They add a crunch. You can sprinkle them on at the table or mix them into a vinaigrette. In addition to the improved mouthfeel, all the ingredients will bring a nutty umami flavor to your raw vegetables. Everything bagel seasoning’s value isn’t limited just to tossed salads, it can work in coleslaw as well.