Nine Fun Cinnamon Sugar Uses

Cinnamon sugar is a simple spice mix but it has a wide range of applications. Even though its versatility is limited to breakfasts and desserts, you will find that it can improve many items. Here are some of the best uses for cinnamon sugar:

As a topping for churros

The Mexican equivalent of the donut, classic churros are deep-fried until golden and then dusted with cinnamon sugar. The cinnamon sugar plays an essential role in the flavor profile by adding spicy sweetness while also enhancing the exterior’s crisp texture.

As a muffin topping

Muffins are traditionally soft and cakey. There is not a lot of variation unless you add a topping that provides a little contrast. Cinnamon sugar adds crunch while also enhancing the muffin with the striking spiciness of the cinnamon. Because the top of the muffin offers relatively little surface area compared to the rest of the muffin, a higher ratio of cinnamon to sugar may be necessary to enhance its flavor.

As a donut topping

Cinnamon sugar works as a topping for donuts in much the same way that it works on churros and muffins. It enhances a boring texture by adding crunch while also improving the flavor with spice and sweetness. Simply dust on the cinnamon sugar right after removing donuts from the oil.

As a coating for cookies

For many people, cinnamon sugar is associated mostly with snickerdoodles and other cookies. It makes a great coating/topping for almost any kind of cookie. The cinnamon flavor and additional sweetness as well as the crunchy texture can improve the taste and mouthfeel of oatmeal raisin cookies as well as sugar cookies and even chocolate chip cookies. It is essentially the perfect cookie topping.

In oatmeal

Oatmeal is a classic breakfast food that you can improve with cinnamon sugar. Without any spice at all, oatmeal can be on the bland side. With cinnamon sugar, it takes on a warm sweetness that brings holiday flavors to mind. Sprinkled on top, it can also enhance the texture by adding a light crunch before the sugar dissolves.

On toast

Perhaps the best-known application for cinnamon sugar is cinnamon toast. Cinnamon sugar transforms a savory slice of bread into a sweet breakfast treat with minimal effort. Cinnamon sugar’s sweetness and pungent woodiness can also be used to enhance Another similar breakfast food: French toast.

In granola

Like oatmeal, granola is an oat-based food that can be bland if you don’t add the right ingredients. Cinnamon sugar can sweeten it while adding a little spiciness. Cinnamon sugar also works well with the other ingredients that you might find in a traditional granola blend including raising and nuts.

In hot cocoa

Unlike many of the applications that use cinnamon sugar, hot cocoa is flavorful and tasty without the addition of spice. However, cinnamon and sugar are traditional additions to chocolate in many parts of the world for good reason. They can put its flavor over the top with their blend of mild heat and aromatic sweetness.

In fruit pies

Most fruit pies will benefit from the spiciness of cinnamon and the additional sweetness of sugar. Without them, they can be one-dimensional and boring. Unlike most of the other applications on this list, cinnamon sugar works as the main sweetener in pies and as a topping that you add at the end.