Maple syrup

Maple Syrup: A Sweetener From North America

Maple syrup was first produced by Native Americans from the Northeastern part of North America. According to archaeologists, maple syrup production predated the arrival of Europeans. The exact origin of maple syrup was never documented, so no one knows who discovered it, but there are legends of how it was …

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Monk Fruit Powder

Monk Fruit Powder: A South Asian Sugar Alternative

Monk fruit powder is made from dried and powdered monk fruit. The monk fruit belongs to the gourd family, and its vines have been cultivated for centuries in parts of Asia. It is native to two areas: Southern China and the northern part of Thailand. In China, it has been …

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Treacle: The Famous U.K. Sweetener

Treacle is a generic name in the United Kingdom used for any syrup produced when making sugar. Treacle is also sometimes called black treacle and is usually the same product as molasses. Molasses is the name given to treacle in the United States and most other parts of the New …

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Dark Corn Syrup

Dark Corn Syrup: Corn Syrup With A Hint Of Molasses

Dark corn syrup had its roots in the original corn syrup invented by Gottlieb Kirchhoff. Kirchhoff was working in Russia when he discovered using sulfuric acid to convert the starch from corn into sugar. Corn syrup is that sugar in liquid form. Dark corn syrup is a combination of corn …

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Light Corn Syrup

Light Corn Syrup: A Versatile Grain-Based Sweetener

Light corn syrup is a variant of corn syrup, which is sugar from corn that has been made into a liquid. While corn – also called maize – was first domesticated in Mexico thousands of years ago, it wasn’t until the 19th century that someone figured out how to extract …

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Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap Molasses: The Final Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is the darkest and most flavorful kind of molasses. All types of molasses are produced during the process of boiling sugarcane or sugar beet juice to extract pure sugar. The sugarcane juice is boiled three times, and the sugar is extracted by centrifuging the juice after each boiling. …

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Pearl Sugar

Pearl Sugar: A European Specialty Sugar

Pearl sugar is sometimes called nib sugar and is a version of refined white sugar. It is simply a coarser form of white sugar that is usually made by crushing large pieces of white sugar. Some manufacturers make it using extrusion. It gets its name because it is opaque and …

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Molasses: More Than Just A Sugar Byproduct

Molasses is one of the byproducts of sugar production. Sugar is made by boiling sugarcane or sugar beet juice and extracting the sugar crystals. The syrup is boiled several times with sugar extracted during each boiling. Molasses consists of the remnants after sugar crystals have been extracted from the syrup.  …

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