Coconut butter

Coconut Butter: History, Flavor, Benefits, Uses

Coconut butter is a product made with the fruit of the coconut tree. The meat of the coconut fruit contains a lot of oil, which is what accounts for coconut butter’s spreadable consistency. Coconut oil is the main component of coconut butter and has been used for food for thousands …

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Walnut Butter

Walnut Butter: History, Flavor, Benefits, Uses

Walnut butter is made with ground walnuts. Walnuts are full of oil, and grinding them causes the release of that oil, which helps convert the ground nuts to a spreadable paste. Walnuts originated in Persia, which is called Iran today. From Persia, they spread throughout Asia and Europe. As one …

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Apple Butter

Apple Butter: History, Flavor, Benefits, Uses

Apple butter’s main ingredient is cooked and puréed apples. In some parts of Europe, the term apple butter is used for a syrup made from reduced apple juice. While apple butter is associated primarily with the US — colonial America, in particular — its history goes back to Europe. It …

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Nutella: History, Flavor, Benefits, Uses

Nutella’s inventor was an Italian pastry chef from Turin named Pietro Ferrero. According to legend, Fererro invented Nutella to be a sweet treat for factory workers. The blend of chocolate and hazelnuts was not new, as the two were already combined in a traditional confection from Piedmont called gianduja. In …

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Sunflower butter

Sunflower Butter: History, Flavor, Benefits, Uses

Sunflower butter is made mainly from roasted and ground sunflower seeds, but sometimes sunflower oil may be added in to give it a better consistency. Historians believe that sunflowers are one of the first crops cultivated in the Americas, and may well have been cultivated even before corn. Domestication of …

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Cashew Butter

Cashew Butter: History, Flavor, Benefits, Uses

Cashew butter is made from the kidney-shaped cashew nut. The cashew nut is a tree nut from Brazil that was discovered by Europeans in the 16th century. At first, the Portuguese who had ventured to Brazil thought the nut to be inedible because of its toxic properties. The shell of …

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Almond Butter

Almond Butter: History, Flavor, Benefits, Uses

Almond butter is made from roasted and ground almonds, which are tree nuts that originated in Iran and the region around it. The best quality and simplest versions will consist entirely of almonds, but lesser products may have other ingredients. Its true origin appears to be unknown beyond its association …

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Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter: History, Flavor, Benefits, Uses

Peanut butter as we know it in the modern world is made from roasted and ground peanuts. Peanuts most likely originated on the South American continent and were used by the Incas and Aztecs as both food and medicine. It should be noted that these early South Americans were likely …

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