wasabi vs horseradish

Wasabi Vs. Horseradish—How Do They Compare?

Wasabi and horseradish are often recommended as substitutes for each other. And you may already know wasabi is sometimes referred to as Japanese horseradish. Does this mean that they are the same thing? No, it does not. In fact, they have some differences that you should understand before choosing one …

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Cumin: Exploring Its History, Flavor, And Culinary Uses

Cumin, a spice that has woven its way through the annals of history, brings a distinctive flavor that has been cherished across many cultures. The Greeks and Romans utilized cumin not just for its flavor but as a part of their daily lives, hinting at its importance throughout history. Today, …

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Winter Spices

Winter Spice Rack: Must-Have Spices for Cold Days

Winter spices play a crucial role in adding warmth and depth to our favorite dishes during the cold months. The aroma and flavor of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, cardamom, ginger, and black pepper can transform ordinary recipes into comforting winter delights. Discover the magic of these must-have spices …

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black pepper substitute

What’s A Good Black Pepper Substitute?

At one point in history, black pepper was held in such high esteem it was more expensive than gold. The price was mostly to do with its rarity, as the places where it was grown were difficult to get to from Europe. In fact, the search for what is sometimes …

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Fennel Pollen Uses

Nine Tasty Fennel Pollen Uses

Not too long ago, fennel pollen was a secret spice known only to a few Tuscan cooks. Today, it is a popular ingredient, made famous by celebrity chefs and a generation of foodies who are not afraid to experiment with new ingredients. Along with being nutrient dense, fennel pollen offers a …

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panch phoran substitute

What’s A Good Panch Phoran Substitute?

Panch phoran (a.k.a. panch puran) is a Bengali spice blend that is sometimes referred to as Indian five-spice. You will need it for a variety of dishes, such as shukto and other favorites from Eastern India and Bangladesh. It may not be easy to find this spice blend in a …

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Cooking with avocado oil

Cooking With Avocado Oil: The Dos And Don’ts

Avocado oil is a versatile and healthy oil that has become trendy in recent years. It’s made from the avocado fruit, which is widely prized for its health benefits. And avocado oil is one of the few cooking oils not extracted from seeds. Avocado oil has a mostly neutral taste …

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Italian spices

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Italian Spices?

If you want to master Italian cooking, learning about the essential spices is a good place to start. Italian food is all about herbs and spices. An understanding of the most commonly used Italian spices and other seasonings is essential if you want to make the classic traditional dishes. The …

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