Garam Masala Vs. Curry Powder

Garam Masala Vs. Curry Powder: SPICEography Showdown

Both curry powder and garam masala are spice blends that can be used to add color and flavor to a dish. While curry powder appears to be a British invention, garam masala is authentic and widely used on the sub-continent; however, the exact blend of spices used to make it varies from …

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Allspice Vs. Cloves

Allspice Vs. Cloves: SPICEography Showdown

How similar are allspice and cloves? What are the major differences between these two spices? In this SPICEography Showdown, we compare allspice and cloves side by side to take a look at what exactly separates these two fragrant and popular spices. Do allspice and cloves have a similar flavor? While these …

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Garlic Powder Vs Garlic

Garlic Powder Vs. Garlic: SPICEography Showdown

Garlic is one of the most popular and commonly-used ingredients in kitchens all over the world. It’s also one ingredient that a lot of chefs have strong, passionate opinions on when it comes to the question of how garlic powder should be used. Many chefs and culinary hobbyists have a …

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