potato starch vs corn starch

Potato Starch Vs. Corn Starch: SPICEography Showdown

Potato starch and corn starch are both effective for thickening and for use in baked goods. You will be able to use either one in most recipes and wind up with very similar results. That said, there are some differences between the two as each of them is better for some applications than for others.

If you are choosing between the two, there are a few important questions to consider. Let’s review in another SPICEography Showdown: potato starch vs. corn starch. 

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Himalayan salt vs sea salt

Himalayan Salt Vs. Sea Salt: SPICEography Showdown

Himalayan salt and sea salt are both popular finishing salts that can add flavor to dishes and make an attractive presentation as well. Both are believed to be better than regular table salt, but how do they compare to each other? Do they taste the same? Do they look the same? These and other questions will be answered below in another SPICEography Showdown.

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table salt vs sea salt

Table Salt Vs. Sea Salt: SPICEography Showdown

Along with adding flavor to food, salt is essential for human life. Foods that would have bitter and muddy flavors without salt become rich and flavorful when it is added. Sea salt and table salt are two common forms of salt that will be familiar to most experienced cooks. How similar are they? Do they taste the same? Is one better for you than the other? These and other questions will be answered in this edition of SPICEography Showdown.

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brown sugar vs white sugar

Brown Sugar Vs. White Sugar: SPICEography Showdown

Sugar plays a fundamental role in cooking and especially in baking. Aside from sweetness, it can provide coloring as well as moisture and bulk. Brown sugar and white sugar provide these things to different degrees but how different are they from each other? Do they taste the same? Can you use one in place of the other? We answer these questions and more in this installment of SPICEography Showdown.

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Garlic Powder Substitute

Granulated Garlic Vs. Garlic Powder: SPICEography Showdown

Garlic is a popular seasoning in every major food culture and most of the minor ones as well. This relative of the onion offers a pungent, savory flavor that works well in everything from stews to pickles. Garlic powder and granulated garlic are two forms of this spice that offer …

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onion powder vs onion salt

Onion Salt Vs. Onion Powder: SPICEography Showdown

Onion powder and onion salt both make it easy to add the flavor onion to dishes. A dash of one or the other can turn a bland dish into something flavorful and enjoyable. Both spices are affordable and easy to find in addition to being widely available. Aside from their obvious similarities, are there any important differences? Can you use them in the same dishes? We will provide some answers below in this installment of SPICEography Showdown.

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Celery Seed Vs Celery Salt

Celery Seed Vs. Celery Salt: SPICEography Showdown

Both celery seed and celery salt can provide your food with concentrated celery flavor. In both cases, you will be able to get an intense burst of flavor but without the fibrous bulk of celery leaves and stalks. If you are trying to choose between these two spices, you may be wondering if their flavors are the same or if you can use one in place of the other. In this installment of SPICEography Showdown, we will compare celery seed and celery salt to help you decide which to use.

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