Chamomile Vs. Feverfew

Chamomile Vs. Feverfew – How Do They Compare?

Chamomile and feverfew both belong to the chrysanthemum family, which is why these two flowering plants have a similar appearance. They look enough like each other that it is possible to mistake one for the other. They are also similar in how they are used. Both, for instance, are tea …

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onion powder vs onion salt

Onion Salt Vs. Onion Powder – How Do They Compare?

Onion powder and onion salt both make it easy to add the flavor onion to dishes. A dash of one or the other can turn a bland dish into something flavorful and enjoyable. Both spices are affordable and easy to find, besides being widely available. Aside from their obvious similarities, …

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Kosher Salt Vs. Table Salt

Kosher Salt Vs. Table Salt – How Do They Compare?

Salt is the most important seasoning in human history. It shows up in different forms in pretty much every nation’s cuisine. For many, all salts are interchangeable, but for serious cooks, they are not. When it comes to two of the most common forms in Western kitchens (kosher salt and …

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Galangal vs Ginger

Galangal Vs. Ginger – How Do They Compare?

Ginger and galangal are two Asian rhizomes that belong to the same family. Both provide flavors that are essential for making numerous Eastern and Western dishes. They are similar in a few ways, but very different in others. Let’s compare the respective qualities of galangal and ginger, so you can …

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Herbes de Provence Vs Italian Seasoning

Herbes de Provence Vs. Italian Seasoning: SPICEography Showdown

Herbes de Provence and Italian seasoning are two blends of European herbs that not only include some of the same herbs, but they also come from the same general part of Europe. Both the Provence region and Italy are known for their rich culinary histories that feature classic dishes that …

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allspice berries vs juniper berries

Allspice Berries Vs. Juniper Berries – How Do They Compare?

The allspice berry comes from an evergreen tree that grows in Latin America and the Caribbean. In order to germinate, the seeds must be heated and softened by passing through the bodies of bats or birds. Juniper berries are European in origin and are not actual berries but pine cones. …

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Turmeric vs saffron

Saffron Vs. Turmeric – How Do They Compare?

Saffron and turmeric are two spices that are best known for their roles in classic South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Because they provide both bright colors and flavor, they are important for several classic dishes and some cooks see them as delivering very similar benefits to food. Despite a …

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fajita vs taco seasoning

Fajita Vs. Taco Seasoning – How Do They Compare?

Fajita and taco seasoning are two spice blends that both have their origins in Mexican cuisine and are combinations of the most widely used Mexican spices. They serve as an easy way to add traditional flavor notes to popular Mexican dishes and are often viewed as interchangeable. But how similar …

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