chicory vs dandelion

Chicory Vs. Dandelion – How Do They Compare?

Chicory and dandelions both belong to the same family and have a lot in common in terms of appearance and taste. You can divide both chicory and dandelions into the two parts of each plant that are most commonly used: the leaves or greens and the roots. Let’s compare to …

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Fresh dill vs dried dill

Fresh Dill Vs. Dried Dill – How Do They Compare?

Dill is popular both as a fresh herb and when dried. You will find it in recipes from Eastern Europe as well as in a few classic American dishes. It is one of those rare ingredients that enhances a dish’s visual appeal and its flavor to equal degrees. If you …

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Dutch Process Cocoa Powder Vs. Cocoa Powder

Dutch Process Cocoa Vs. Cocoa Powder – How Do They Compare?

Dutch process cocoa powder and regular cocoa powder are both versions of the same thing. They are both cocoa beans that have been ground after being fermented and roasted. The two have a lot in common and are among the most popular ways to get the chocolate flavor in everything …

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Jamaican curry powder vs Indian curry powder

Jamaican Vs. Indian Curry Powder – How Do They Compare?

Like other traditional spice blends, curry is highly subject to variation. It differs from region to region based on local tastes. The curry that you would get in a Chinese restaurant is different from the curry that you would get in a British curry house. Similarly, despite their similarities, there …

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MSG vs Salt

MSG Vs. Salt – How Do They Compare?

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) and salt have a lot in common, including a similar appearance. Both consist of white crystals that can differ in size and both may show up in the same types of dishes. Their similarities do not mean that they are exactly the same or that you can …

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Fleur de sel vs Himalayan salt

Fleur De Sel Vs. Himalayan Salt – How Do They Compare?

When it comes to popular finishing salts, most would agree that both Himalayan salt and fleur de sel are among the most prized. Both can provide a salt flavor equally well, but there is usually more to finishing salts than flavor. How do these two compare? Let’s dig in so …

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Dried Basil Vs. Fresh

Dried Basil Vs. Fresh – How Do They Compare?

Fresh basil and dried basil are two forms of the same herb, but that does not mean that you can use both of them in the same ways. Making the right decisions with these ingredients requires that you know how each of them works. How do they differ in flavor? …

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Maldon sea salt

Maldon Salt Vs. Kosher Salt – How Do They Compare?

Maldon sea salt and kosher salt are just two of many different kinds of salt prized by serious cooks. Chefs often have both on hand although they are almost identical in terms of their chemical makeup. The fact is that although they are both cooking salts, they each bring unique …

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