black pepper vs cayenne pepper

Black Pepper Vs. Cayenne Pepper – How Do They Compare?

Black pepper and cayenne pepper both have pepper in their names, implying similarity. While they have one common factor, they are two very different spices. They each have their own unique qualities and, as a result, some recipes may require you to use both. If you are trying to choose …

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Vanilla Powder Vs. Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Powder Vs. Vanilla Extract – How Do They Compare?

Vanilla powder and vanilla extract offer two ways to add vanilla flavor to desserts, beverages, and pastries. While they are both effective, they do not have exactly the same characteristics. Let’s compare them so that you can decide which is right for your application. What are the differences between vanilla …

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lemon balm vs mint

Lemon Balm Vs. Mint – How Do They Compare?

Lemon balm and mint are two herbs used all over the world in both savory and sweet preparations. Mint is the more common of the two herbs and you will probably have an easier time finding it in your local grocery store’s produce section when compared to the slightly more …

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turbinado sugar vs white sugar

Turbinado Sugar Vs. White Sugar – How Do They Compare?

Turbinado sugar and white sugar are just two of the many types of sugar that you may see on grocery store shelves. Both are sweeteners and different versions of the same thing, but what exactly are the differences? Can they be used in the same applications? In the same way? …

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light vs dark brown sugar

Light Vs. Dark Brown Sugar – How Do They Compare?

There are many types of brown sugar, but light and dark brown sugar are the best known and easiest to find. Both are chemically similar and are made using the same processing methods; however, they are two completely different products. If you are faced with a choice between them, you …

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brown sugar vs cane sugar

Brown Sugar Vs. Cane Sugar – How Do They Compare?

Brown sugar is simple. It consists of white granulated sugar to which a certain amount of molasses has been added for flavor and appearance. Brown sugar can be made from sugar beets or from sugar cane. Cane sugar is more complex as there are multiple types of sugar that can …

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lemon verbena vs lemongrass

Lemon Verbena Vs. Lemongrass – How Do They Compare?

There are quite a few herbs that can provide a lemon scent along with an herbal note. Among the most common of these herbs are lemon verbena and lemongrass. Both have the word lemon in their name and are great options for many of the same applications, but they do …

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cream of tartar vs baking powder

Cream Of Tartar Vs. Baking Powder – How Do They Compare?

Cream of tartar and baking powder have a lot in common. You should have them both on hand if you bake pastries regularly. While these two ingredients share some of the same properties, there are some significant differences between them and how they are used. Read on to see how …

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