wasabi vs horseradish

Wasabi Vs. Horseradish—How Do They Compare?

Wasabi and horseradish are often recommended as substitutes for each other. And you may already know wasabi is sometimes referred to as Japanese horseradish. Does this mean that they are the same thing? No, it does not. In fact, they have some differences that you should understand before choosing one …

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Himalayan salt vs table salt

Himalayan Salt Vs. Table Salt—How Do They Compare?

Choosing the right salt for a particular dish can be challenging, especially since there are so many different types on the market. For example, Himalayan salt is a popular option, but does it offer anything that you would not get from regular table salt? Is it all that different, outside …

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vanilla paste substitute

Vanilla Powder Vs. Vanilla Paste—How Do They Compare?

Vanilla powder and vanilla paste are two great ways to add vanilla flavor to dishes. What’s more, neither of them contains alcohol, so neither will give the alcoholic aftertaste that can come with vanilla extract. How do these two forms of vanilla compare to each other? How should you use …

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coconut sugar vs cane sugar

Coconut Sugar Vs. Cane Sugar – How Do They Compare?

In recent years, coconut sugar has been promoted as a healthier sweetening option when compared to cane sugar. Is this true? Will both of these sugars work equally well in most or all applications? Let’s compare the two to help you make the best decisions for your cooking. How does …

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Sorrel Vs. Hibiscus – How Do They Compare?

Sorrel (Rumex acetosa) and hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) are unrelated plants that have a few things in common but a lot of differences. Here’s where things can get confusing: hibiscus is called sorrel in some parts of the world. If you are attempting to use one or the other, it is …

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Dried tarragon vs fresh tarragon

Dried Vs. Fresh Tarragon – How Do They Compare?

Tarragon is often described by French chefs as the king of herbs and is widely used in French cooking; in fact, it is one of the major French fines herbes. There are two main varieties of this herb: French and Russian. Most cooks agree that the French version is the …

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Celtic Sea Salt Vs. Table Salt

Celtic Sea Salt Vs. Table Salt – How Do They Compare?

Celtic sea salt and table salt are found in many kitchens and serve the same fundamental purpose of adding flavor to food. Even though they both have salt in the name, they differ dramatically and should you can use each of them differently. Let’s compare the two to help you …

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turmeric vs curry powder

Turmeric Vs. Curry Powder – How Do They Compare?

Turmeric and curry powder look very much alike. In fact, they can be similar enough that you might mistake one for the other. However, the fact that these are very different ingredients will be evident once you start cooking with one or the other. Let’s take a look at how …

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