Parsley vs Basil

Basil Vs. Parsley – How Do They Compare?

Basil and parsley are two herbs that are well known for adding color and flavor to European-style dishes. While similar in a few ways, they have some very different qualities and applications. Familiarize yourself with basil and parsley and how they compare. How does basil differ from parsley? When most …

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Fresh Oregano Vs Dried

Fresh Oregano Vs. Dried: How Do They Compare?

Oregano is a popular herb that is used to season a wide variety of dishes. As such, it has become a staple herb in even the most basic of spice collections. When working with this herb, you may have found yourself wondering if your cooking might benefit from the use …

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Fresh Sage Vs. Dried Sage

Fresh Sage Vs. Dried Sage: How Do They Compare?

Sage is one of the popular herbs in North American and European cuisines and is commonly used fresh or dried. Which you choose depends on what you are cooking and your priorities. To make the decision, you will have to consider factors such as: will your dish take a long …

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Turmeric Vs. Cumin: How Do They Compare?

Both turmeric and cumin are members of the ginger family and are popular spices used in Indian cuisine. While they share some similarities, there are also several key differences between these two spices. When deciding whether to use turmeric or cumin in a recipe, it is important to consider both …

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Rosemary vs Thyme

Rosemary Vs. Thyme: How Do They Compare?

Sure they’re paired in a famous Simon and Garfunkel album. And rosemary and thyme are both very popular in the spice rack, but how much do you know about their similarities and differences? How different do they taste? Do they provide similar health benefits? Can one even substitute for the other in …

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Shoyu vs. miso

Shoyu Vs. Miso: How Do They Compare?

Shoyu and miso are both made from fermenting soybeans and other grains. They share a history that connects them to Ancient Chinese jiang, a soy paste. In the centuries since the invention of jiang, it made its way to Japan, where shoyu and miso have become key ingredients in that …

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Coriander vs Cumin

Coriander Vs. Cumin: How Do They Compare?

Few spices pair as well as coriander and cumin. With flavors that complement each other so beautifully, it’s no wonder that these two spices are often used together. Not only does this dynamic duo play a starring role in various dishes, but it’s not unusual for one of these spices …

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