Ssamjang vs. Doenjang

Ssamjang Vs. Doenjang: SPICEography Showdown

Ssamjang and doenjang are two seasonings that you should keep in your kitchen if you plan to cook a lot of Korean food. They bring some of the same qualities to dishes, along with a few that are unique to each. Learn more about how ssamjang and doenjang compare to …

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Toban Djan vs. Doubanjiang

Toban Djan Vs. Doubanjiang: SPICEography Showdown

Toban djan and doubanjiang are two broad bean seasoning pastes made with chili peppers. They are two versions of the same paste, but they are not identical. They are made with the same or similar ingredients but can have different flavors and applications. In this SPICEography Showdown, we will compare …

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Gochujang Vs. Doenjang

Gochujang Vs. Doenjang: SPICEography Showdown

Gochujang and doenjang are two of the sauces that non-Koreans most closely associated with Korean cooking. Their flavors are powerful, pungent, and distinctive. In this SPICEography Showdown, we take a look at what each brings to dishes and how they compare to each other. How does gochujang differ from doenjang? …

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Ssamjang Vs. Gochujang

Ssamjang Vs. Gochujang: SPICEography Showdown

Ssamjang and gochujang are two of the most widely known Korean seasoning pastes. They both bring many of the same qualities to dishes but to differing degrees, which means that they are not always interchangeable. To learn more about how ssamjang and gochujang compare, check out the SPICEography Showdown below. …

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Doubanjiang Vs. Doenjang

Doubanjiang Vs. Doenjang: SPICEography Showdown

Doubanjiang and doenjang are Asian bean pastes that have a few things in common, but not as much as you might think. You can use them to bring many of the same kinds of flavors to dishes (umami and salt) but they are usually used very differently. If you want …

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Sweet Bean Sauce Vs. Hoisin

Sweet Bean Sauce Vs. Hoisin: SPICEography Showdown

Sweet bean sauce and hoisin sauce are two Chinese condiments with similar flavors and consistencies. It’s important to note here that many articles and recipes online refer to hoisin sauce as sweet bean sauce and vice versa. As a result, some people may believe that they are interchangeable, but they …

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Doenjang vs. miso

Doenjang Vs. Miso: SPICEography Showdown

Doenjang and miso are forms of fermented soybean paste from different parts of Asia. They can be interchangeable but not always. Learn more about how they differ in the SPICEography Showdown below. How does doenjang differ from miso? Doenjang and miso come from different locations. Doenjang is a Korean condiment …

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Chinese sesame paste vs. tahini

Chinese Sesame Paste Vs. Tahini: SPICEography Showdown

Chinese sesame paste and tahini are both made by grinding sesame seeds, so you could be forgiven for thinking that they are interchangeable. But they are not. They have a lot in common but are not identical, which means that you will need to learn a little about each of …

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