Peppercorn Medley Vs. Black Pepper

Peppercorn Medley Vs. Black Pepper — How Do They Compare?

Peppercorn medley and black pepper both contain black peppercorns in different forms, and they are also typically found in the same part of a grocery store’s spice aisle. Aside from their similarities, there are some dramatic differences between the two products. Which should you get if you can get only …

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Vegetable Shortening Vs. Butter

Vegetable Shortening Vs. Butter: How Do They Compare?

Vegetable shortening and butter are two of the classic baking fats. Shortening and butter are used in many of the same applications; each has been deemed healthier than the other at different points in history. Is one more versatile than the other? Can one completely replace the other? Let’s see …

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sea salt vs. iodized salt

Sea Salt Vs. Iodized Salt: SPICEography Showdown

Sea salt and iodized salt are two versions of the same universal seasoning. Sea salt refers to salt harvested from the sea that does not contain iodine; iodized salt refers to any salt with iodine added, including iodized sea salt and iodized table salt. Despite being similar in many ways, …

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Genovese Basil Vs. Thai Basil: SPICEography Showdown

Genovese basil and Thai basil are both cultivars of the same basil herb. The fact that they share a common ancestor means that they have some of the same characteristics. Do you need both in your spice cabinet? Can one stand in for the other? We answer those questions and …

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Genovese Basil Vs. Sweet Basil

Genovese Basil Vs. Sweet Basil: SPICEography Showdown

Genovese basil and sweet basil both belong to the Lamiaceae family, which is the mint family to which multiple culinary herbs belong. Varieties of the basil herb are grown all over the world including in Asia, Africa, and Europe with Genovese and sweet basil among the most common. How closely …

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Holy basil vs. basil

Holy Basil Vs. Basil: SPICEography Showdown

Holy basil and basil are just two of the numerous basil varieties that are used for a wide range of dishes, not just Italian food. Holy basil is also called tulsi, while basil is otherwise known as sweet or Genovese basil. The two species of basil can sometimes look similar …

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Saffron Vs. Sassafras: SPICEography Showdown

Saffron and sassafras are two spices associated with regional food. They are a couple of niche spices that some cooks will consider essential, but many won’t need at all. In the US, saffron and sassafras are similar in that neither is heavily used. Saffron is expensive, and its applications are …

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Alaea Salt Vs. Himalayan Salt: SPICEography Showdown

Alaea salt and Himalayan salt are two versatile culinary salts that can do more for your food than just improve flavor. Alaea and Himalayan salts have a lot in common, and yet neither can perfectly replace the other. If you want to learn more about what makes these popular salts …

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