Garlic Salt

What’s A Good Garlic Salt Substitute?

Garlic salt is great for adding precise amounts of both salt and garlic to a dish. This makes it a useful tool if you need to have a meal ready in a short amount of time. In addition, its consistency makes it ideal for sprinkling over everything from popcorn to …

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Pickling Spice Substitute

What’s A Good Pickling Spice Substitute?

Pickling spices often show up in recipes for pickled vegetables as well as for corned beef. They can contain any of a diverse range of spices that includes bay leaves, chili peppers and mustard seeds. Pickling spices have one thing in common—their ability to withstand the pickling process, which means …

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ancho pepper substitute

What’s A Good Ancho Powder Substitute?

Ancho powder is one of the most popular spices in Mexico. Mexican cooks use for a range of dishes from enchilada sauce to mole. Ancho pepper imparts a mild heat and fruity sweetness to dishes. The heat of the ancho usually tops out at about 9,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHUs). …

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Kaffir lime leaves substitute

What’s A Good Kaffir Lime Leaves Substitute?

Kaffir limes are also called makrut limes. They belong to the citrus family and the leaves of kaffir lime trees contribute to the robust, distinctive citrus flavor found throughout Thai cuisine. The unique citrus and herbaceous notes are crucial to many Thai dishes and are responsible for much of authentic …

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Chili Powder

What’s A Good Chili Powder Substitute?

As a cook, you have most likely had to deal with being out of an essential ingredient. If you are cooking Tex-Mex dishes like chili con carne, chili powder definitely falls into the essential category. That said, there is no need to panic if you are out of chili powder; …

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Chipotle Powder Substitute

What’s A Good Chipotle Powder Substitute?

Chipotle powder is made from dried, smoked jalapeños and lends its unique spiciness and smokiness to a number of Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes. If a recipe from those cultures requires chipotle powder, you will need it or a suitable alternative to get an authentic-tasting dish. Omitting it is not an …

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Paprika Substitute

What’s A Good Paprika Substitute?

Paprika is a fundamental spice and one that you should have in your spice cabinet even if you are just a casual cook. It is right up there with black pepper and salt. Not only does paprika offer a deep and distinctive flavor, it adds a bright color and major …

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