What’s A Good Coriander Substitute?

Coriander Substitute

Coriander is from the parsley family. The seeds of the plant are ground to make the coriander spice while the leaves and stems are called cilantro. If you are preparing a dish and find that you have no coriander, you have two options: you can either run to the grocery store or you can seek out a substitute. If you decide on the latter option, you have several spices that you can use as a coriander substitute. 

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What’s A Good Thyme Substitute?

Thyme Substitute

Thyme is a popular and very aromatic herb grown in Europe and is related to mint. There are numerous different varieties of thyme. It provides a sweet and earthy flavor to many dishes, and is commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine. Thyme can be used to flavor lamb, pork and game and has the benefit of being able to withstand long cooking times. As a result, it is often used in pasta sauces as well. It is an important ingredient in classic dishes like coq au vin and osso bucco.

As it is a well-known and widely used herb, most serious cooks will keep a bottle on their spice rack. However, you may have run out of thyme or it may just not be something that you thought you would ever need. If you are looking for a substitute, the good news is that (as with most ingredients) there is a multitude of good options.

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What’s A Good Cumin Substitute?

Cumin Substitute

Cumin is a spice that is heavily used in Mexican cooking as well as in Indian, African and Malaysian dishes. It provides an earthy flavor with nut and citrus notes that is described by some as being slightly bitter. It is one of the most important ingredients in curry powder and it is also used in almost all chili recipes. You can buy cumin seeds in whole form or ground. Cumin’s strong, distinctive flavor comes from the oil it contains. If your recipe calls for it and you do not have any available, you will need to find a substitute that is just as flavorful. Consider the following options:

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