What’s A Good Za’atar Substitute?

zaatar substitute

You can use za’atar seasoning to provide dishes with an herbal fragrance combined with a zesty citrus-like tang and a hint of nuttiness. This seasoning blend is popular in the Middle East but is versatile enough to be used in many different cuisines. If you want food flavored with za’atar, you should make an effort to find an expertly mixed blend at a Middle Eastern grocery or at an online spice retailer. If neither is an option, consider one of the many alternatives.

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What’s A Good Grains Of Paradise Substitute?

Grains of paradise substitute

The West African spice known as grains of paradise can be used to provide dishes with a pepper-like spark along with complex notes of cardamom and ginger. A common ingredient in Moroccan ras el hanout blends, grains of paradise is a valuable flavoring whether you are making beer or attempting to make authentic-tasting Nigerian dishes. You can get grains of paradise from various online sources, but the spice tends to be on the pricey side. If it is too much for your budget or if you need some quickly, consider one of the many grains of paradise substitutes.

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What’s A Good Carom Seed Substitute?

Carom Seed Substitute

Other names for carom include ajwain and bishop’s weed. The use of carom seeds is mostly limited to India and the state of Gujarat in particular. It is used to flavor vegetarian dishes as well as breads and pastries including roti and paratha. It is also popular for flavoring fried potatoes and is included in some curry powder blends. For the most authentic flavor, you should seek this spice out online or at an Indian grocery store. If that is not an option, consider a carom seed substitute.

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What’s a Good Thai Basil Substitute?

Thai Basil Substitute

Thai basil is one of many basil varieties. Sweet basil is well known for its inclusion in many Mediterranean dishes while Thai basil plays an equally important role in Thai cuisine. Consider its use in dishes like pad ki mao (drunken noodles) and green curry. Thai basil is as important to the flavor of Thai food as fish sauce and kaffir lime leaves. This means that if you plan to cook Thai food, you should try to get some of this herb to get an authentic flavor. If you are unable to find Thai basil, you can use one of the substitutes below.

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