Hawaiian sea salt substitute

What’s A Good Hawaiian Sea Salt Substitute?

Hawaiian sea salt is popular for traditional Hawaiian dishes, ranging from poke to lau lau pork. The red variety brings an earthy nuttiness due to its mineral content. You will need Hawaiian sea salt if you want to make Hawaiian dishes that have traditional flavor profiles. If you cannot find …

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light brown sugar substitute

What’s A Good Light Brown Sugar Substitute?

Light brown sugar is a flavorful sweetener used in baked goods and other foods ranging from oatmeal and banana bread to barbecue sauce. It is a milder alternative to the deeper flavor notes and darker color that dark brown sugar brings. If your household uses a lot of light brown …

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tamarind paste substitute

What’s A Good Tamarind Paste Substitute?

Tamarind paste is the processed pulp of the tamarind fruit. It is a souring agent popular in Indian cuisine for its ability to provide a tangy acidity to dishes along with mildly sweet notes. You can buy pre-made tamarind paste or a block of tamarind pulp that you can reconstitute …

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Hazelnut flour substitute

What’s A Good Hazelnut Flour Substitute?

Hazelnut flour is an alternative to wheat flour that is especially attractive to people who want to avoid gluten. It brings a rich, nutty flavor to savory and sweet dishes. If you cannot find it and need some right away – it’s not a widely available ingredient in stores – …

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onion salt

What’s A Good Onion Salt Substitute?

You can use onion salt to add a mild onion flavor along with salt. It is perfect for bread, dry rubs, and salad dressings where you may want onion and salt without the bulk of fresh onion. It is versatile enough that you should keep some in your spice cabinet, …

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White Sugar Substitute

What’s A Good White Sugar Substitute?

Refined white sugar is arguably the most common source of sweetness in cooking and baking. Its main benefit stems from the fact that it sweetens without any other effect on the flavor profile of a dish. Other benefits include the fact that it is easy to find and affordable. This …

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Shiso Substitute

What’s A Good Shiso Substitute?

Shiso goes by many names, including Chinese basil and perilla. You will find shiso leaves used in various Asian cuisines both for their flavor and for their size, which makes them useful for wrapping other foods. If you cannot find this herb or need some in a hurry, consider one …

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sambar powder substitute

What’s A Good Sambar Powder Substitute?

Sambar powder is a blend of spices used to make a Southern Indian soup called sambar. The complexity that sambar powder provides is essential if you want your sambar to have an authentic flavor. Sambar powder is not the most widely known spice blend in the west, which means that …

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