What’s A Good Tapioca Starch Substitute?

tapioca starch substitute

If you are looking for a thickener with a neutral taste and that can provide your dish with a nice shiny surface and smooth texture, tapioca is arguably your best option. It is easy to find and works in both savory and sweet dishes. If you miscalculated and it turns out that there is none in your cabinet, you will need to find an equally effective replacement. Maybe you have one of the tapioca starch substitutes below on hand.

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What’s A Good Lemon Pepper Substitute?

lemon pepper substitute

Lemon pepper is a popular and versatile seasoning blend. The best-known applications involve using it on poultry and fish; however, it can be used on beef and vegetables as well. This blend is useful enough to keep in your spice cabinet at all times. What should you do if you run out or can’t find any in the local grocery store? There are several effective lemon pepper substitutes that you may have on hand.

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What’s A Good Poppy Seeds Substitute?

poppy seeds substitute

Poppy seeds are visually striking and can offer a nutty flavor along with a crunchy texture to enhance dishes as diverse as curries and lemon poppy seed muffins. They are a common ingredient in both European and Indian recipes. If you regularly cook dishes from either of those cultures, you may want to keep some on hand. If you are out of poppy seeds or are worried about passing a drug test, try one of the substitutes below.

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What’s A Good Cocoa Powder Substitute?

Cocoa Powder Substitute

Cocoa powder is the preferred ingredient for giving chocolate desserts their flavor and color. It is what is used in most chocolate cake recipes as well as in recipes for brownies, chocolate pudding and homemade chocolate ice cream.

If you find that you are out of cocoa powder and don’t have time to get any, you may be able to find other ingredients capable of filling its role. Note that when choosing a cocoa powder substitute, you will need to look for one that provides the right flavor without altering the texture of your recipe.

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