What’s A Good Taco Seasoning Substitute?

taco seasoning substitute

Taco seasoning is a spice blend containing all the spices you need for authentic-tasting tacos. It is a great option to have on hand for quick and easy weekday meals. It is also easy to find in the US as a large number of grocery stores carry some version of it. If you do not have any taco seasoning in your spice cabinet, replacing it will still be fairly easy. Consider the following options.

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What’s A Good Greek Seasoning Substitute?

Greek seasoning

Aside from olive oil, the flavors of Greek cooking are mainly herbal with notes of garlic and spices. You will need all of these in your spice cabinet if you want to replicate the taste of authentic Greek cuisine. The convenient and affordable way to get everything you need is to purchase a pre-packaged Greek seasoning blend, but what happens if you run out of it unexpectedly and need some right away? In that case, you will need an emergency substitute. Consider one of the following Greek seasoning substitutes to save the day.

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What’s A Good Chaat Masala Substitute?

chaat masala

Chaat masala is the popular spice blend used primarily in the style of Indian street food called chaat. Aside from that, it is sometimes sprinkled on fruit or on vegetables. This blend is considered to be milder than other Indian spice blends like tandoori masala despite the fact that it contains chili peppers. You can usually find multiple brands of prepackaged chaat masala at Indian food stores. If you do not have these stores near you and need it quickly, there are options when it comes to chaat masala substitutes.

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What’s A Good Celery Powder Substitute?

Celery Powder

The term celery powder may refer to ground celery seed, dried celery juice, or dried and powdered celery. Whichever of these three products it indicates, celery powder makes it easy to add a concentrated burst of celery flavor to your food. The version made with dried celery juice can also be used to preserve meat if you want to try curing meat without sodium nitrate. Whether you need celery powder for its flavor or for its nitrate content, there are alternatives. Consider the following celery powder substitutes.

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What’s A Good Fleur de Sel Substitute?

fleur de sel substitute

To some cooks, fleur de sel is an overpriced and unnecessary ingredient marketed to the gullible and the pretentious; to others, it is the source of the uniquely clean and briny salinity sought after by lovers of fresh seafood. It is widely considered to be among the very best finishing salts, which means that you should keep it on hand for sprinkling onto food just before serving. If you cannot find fleur de sel near you, there are still options that will provide much of the same benefits. Consider the fleur de sel substitutes below.

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What’s A Good Harissa Powder Substitute?

harissa powder substitute

Harissa powder provides dishes with the traditional flavors found in North African and Middle Eastern cooking. If you are making kebabs, sprinkling harissa powder over them can give them a touch of authenticity. If you want to make authentic-tasting dishes, harissa powder is an essential ingredient. However, no one is perfect and sometimes we run out of spices unexpectedly. If you need a quick alternative, you can get a similar flavor profile from several other spice blends that contain the same ingredients used in harissa powder. For an easy harissa powder substitute, try one of the options below.

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