Almond flour substitute

What’s A Good Almond Flour Substitute?

Almond flour is usually used as a gluten-free wheat flour alternative. While the fact that it has no gluten is important for those who have celiac disease, this nut flour has many other benefits. Among those benefits are its high fiber content and its nutty taste. If you want to replace it with something that has similar properties, consider one of the almond flour substitutes below.

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What’s A Good Epazote Substitute?

Epazote is a Mexican herb with a long history of use by both Aztecs and Mayans. In both food cultures, it was primarily a medicinal herb. Today, you may see it as one of the ingredients in some Mexican recipes; in particular, recipes from Yucatan. It is rarely used outside of Mexico, which means that you may not be able to find it in many Latin markets.

Aside from the fact that culinary epazote may not be available in all locations, other reasons that you may need a substitute include its pungency and the fact that it can be toxic. The aroma and flavor may not be to everyone’s liking and it contains a toxin called chenopodium that can have negative health effects in large doses. Consider the options below when seeking viable epazote substitutes.

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Cassia buds

What’s A Good Cassia Buds Substitute?

Cassia buds are not as commonly used as other parts of the cassia tree but they are still useful for providing a novel twist on the cinnamon flavor. However, the fact that cassia buds are not a well-known spice means that you may have a hard time hunting them down. If you are able to find cassia buds somewhere, they will probably be expensive. Consider one of the following easier-to-find (and probably more affordable) cassia buds substitutes below.

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red pepper flakes substitute

What’s A Good Red Pepper Flakes Substitute?

Red pepper flakes are best known as a topping for pizza and other Italian dishes, especially in the US; however, they are versatile and have numerous other applications. You can find them in the Mexican foods aisle of many grocery stores as well as in the spice aisle. They are an excellent way to add heat to dishes and have a long shelf life since the peppers used to make the flakes are dried. Because of how useful this spice is, you should try to keep some in your spice cabinet at all time. If you run out, there are several red pepper flake substitutes that you can try.

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Maldon salt substitute

What’s A Good Maldon Salt Substitute?

Maldon salt is a flaky sea salt from England’s Essex coast that is well known for its clean, light flavor profile. It can be used to provide a salty flavor just like any other culinary salt or you can take advantage of its clean flavor and pyramid-shaped flakes and use it as a finishing salt. If you can’t find it in your local grocery store and need some in a hurry, try one of the following Maldon salt substitutes.

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