onion salt

What’s A Good Onion Salt Substitute?

You can use onion salt to add a mild onion flavor along with salt. It is perfect for bread, dry rubs, and salad dressings where you may want onion and salt without the bulk of fresh onion. It is versatile enough that you should keep some in your spice cabinet, …

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White Sugar Substitute

What’s A Good White Sugar Substitute?

Refined white sugar is arguably the most common source of sweetness in cooking and baking. Its main benefit stems from the fact that it sweetens without any other effect on the flavor profile of a dish. Other benefits include the fact that it is easy to find and affordable. This …

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Shiso Substitute

What’s A Good Shiso Substitute?

Shiso goes by many names, including Chinese basil and perilla. You will find shiso leaves used in various Asian cuisines both for their flavor and for their size, which makes them useful for wrapping other foods. If you cannot find this herb or need some in a hurry, consider one …

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sambar powder substitute

What’s A Good Sambar Powder Substitute?

Sambar powder is a blend of spices used to make a Southern Indian soup called sambar. The complexity that sambar powder provides is essential if you want your sambar to have an authentic flavor. Sambar powder is not the most widely known spice blend in the west, which means that …

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Lemon thyme substitute

What’s A Good Lemon Thyme Substitute?

Lemon thyme is the perfect herb for any dish that requires the flavors of both lemon and thyme. It can work as a seasoning for meat, and you can add it to salads as well. The big problem with lemon thyme is that it is not a particularly easy herb …

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Shichimi Togarashi

What’s A Good Shichimi Togarashi Substitute?

Shichimi togarashi is also sold as Japanese seven-spice powder and is a popular seasoning for soups and noodles. It can also be used as a rub or crust on grilled meat and seafood. It exemplifies the main characteristics of Japanese cuisine with its uniquely bold but clean flavors. While there …

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Celery Salt Substitute

What’s A Good Celery Salt Substitute?

Celery salt is a versatile spice that you can use for many savory dishes and even a few cocktails. It is a concentrated form of celery herb combined with salt and is a great way to add flavors to your food or a Bloody Mary. But what do you do …

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herbes de provence substitute

What’s A Good Herbes De Provence Substitute?

Herbes de Provence refers to a set of herbs that grow in Provence and that are emblematic of that region’s flavors. This means that the Herbes de Provence blend is a crucial ingredient if you want to make classic Provencal dishes. If buying a premixed blend is not possible or …

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