What’s A Good Clotted Cream Substitute?

Clotted cream is essential if you want to make your version of the traditional cream tea from South West England at home. You won’t be able to find the fresh version in most parts of the world outside the UK, which means that you will need a substitute. Here are …

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Coconut Butter Substitute

What’s A Good Coconut Butter Substitute?

Coconut butter is a plant-based butter that has gained a following in recent years. It provides a mild creamy taste with subtle coconut notes and some healthy fats. If you need some and don’t have any on hand, coconut butter is surprisingly easy to replace. Here are a few of …

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Walnut butter substitute

What’s A Good Walnut Butter Substitute?

Walnut butter is one of the more exotic nut butters. Made from highly nutritious walnuts, walnut butter is a healthy option that is flavorful too. Because of its cost and gourmet status, not everyone will keep a jar of it in their cupboards. You may have a hard time finding …

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Apple Butter Substitute

What’s A Good Apple Butter Substitute?

Apple butter is one of the classic fruit-based spreads. In the US, it is strongly associated with the Pennsylvania Dutch, but it has a long history in Europe, too. It is an important element if you are trying to cook Dutch or German foods. If you have run out and …

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Nutella Substitute

What’s A Good Nutella Substitute?

Nutella is an immensely popular treat that is commonly used as a spread for bread. It consists of hazelnut butter flavored with chocolate. Nutella is easy to find in most places and has a distinctive flavor that won’t be easy to replicate. That said, here are some good Nutella substitutes …

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Sunflower butter substitute

What’s A Good Sunflower Butter Substitute?

Sunflower butter is arguably the most popular seed butter and is widely considered one of the best nut butter substitutes for people with allergies. If there is none in your pantry or your local brick and mortar stores don’t carry it, you do have options. Here are some of the …

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Cashew butter substitute

What’s A Good Cashew Butter Substitute?

Cashew butter is a popular alternative nut butter that is often suggested as a peanut butter substitute. It can be pricey and may not be available everywhere. If you are out of it or can’t get your hands on any when you need it, try one of the cashew butter …

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Almond Butter Substitute

What’s A Good Almond Butter Substitute?

Almond butter is one of the more trendy nut butters and is arguably one of the healthiest. Because of its distinctive flavor, you should avoid replacing it whenever possible. If you have no other options, here are some similar nut butters that might make good almond butter substitutes. Your best …

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