Sazon Seasoning Substitute

What’s A Good Sazon Seasoning Substitute?

Sazon seasoning is one of the key seasoning blends in Central American and Caribbean cooking. It is used in many of the region’s cooking styles, including those with European and African origins. You will need sazon (and its tasty umami flavor), especially if you are cooking Puerto Rican dishes. If …

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Parsley Substitute

What’s A Good Parsley Substitute?

Parsley is best known as a garnish. Most people think of it as something green that you chop and sprinkle onto your food to add contrast and not much else. The reality is that parsley is a versatile herb that can do as much for the flavor of your food …

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Summer Savory Substitute

What’s A Good Summer Savory Substitute?

Summer savory is popular in the Mediterranean region for seasoning meat and bean dishes. Its piney, peppery flavor makes it perfect for pairing with milder flavored foods without overwhelming them. The flavor of summer savory is not as potent as the winter variety, which is stronger and bitterer. Do your …

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Kosher Salt Substitute

What’s A Good Kosher Salt Substitute?

Kosher salt is the best option for certain dishes because of its texture, which is coarse and flaky. That coarseness can make the texture of some dishes more interesting. In those dishes, it is usually sprinkled on as a finishing salt. In most parts of the US, kosher salt is …

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Bouquet garni substitute

What’s A Good Bouquet Garni Substitute?

The bouquet garni is one of the fundamental components of classic French cooking. It consists of a bundle of herbs that are chosen to complement a particular dish. This means that if you want to follow any of the complex French recipes published by culinary greats like Jacques Pepin or …

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cacao powder substitute

What’s A Good Cacao Powder Substitute?

Cacao powder is a healthy way to give your dishes a strong chocolate flavor but not all grocery stores carry it. In addition, its powerful flavor can be an acquired taste. If you want a substitute that provides many or all of cacao powder’s benefits without the drawbacks, consider one …

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Dark Brown Sugar Substitute

What’s A Good Dark Brown Sugar Substitute?

Dark brown sugar is important for both color and flavor in many recipes. Its flavor is versatile and can complement everything from barbecue rubs for meat to gingerbread. You should certainly do your best to keep some on hand at all times. If you run out of dark brown sugar, …

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Marjoram Substitute

What’s A Good Marjoram Substitute?

Marjoram is popular addition to many European dishes, including sauces for fish and even salads. It is used in many German sausages and in Italian tomato-based sauces. Likewise, it is important to keep some on hand at all times if you are a fan of French cooking. Marjoram is versatile …

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