too much curry powder

Added Too Much Curry Powder? Try These Fixes

There are no fixed rules for making curry; what is too much curry powder for one person may be just the right amount for someone else. If you are new to curry and think that you have added too much curry powder, consider the fact that you may be dealing with the shock of experiencing multiple unfamiliar flavors at once. Give yourself some time to adjust to the taste. However, you will need to seek a solution if it is clear that you have gone overboard and that the dish is simply unpalatable. Before you give up and throw it out, consider the following tips.

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Too Much Basil

Too Much Basil? Here’s How To Fix It

Basil is a versatile herb when used in moderation. It can brighten up a large number of savory dishes, especially those that include tomatoes. As with most herbs, its qualities can quickly become drawbacks when it is used in excess. Too much basil can make your food bitter and unpalatable. …

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Too Much Cilantro

Too Much Cilantro? How To Fix Your Meal

When you use it with restraint, cilantro can add a bright, fresh flavor to many dishes. It is especially important for Mexican favorites like salsa and guacamole but it is also a significant element in Indian, Chinese and Thai cooking. However, the zippy freshness that cilantro brings can become unpleasant …

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Too Much Cinnamon

Too Much Cinnamon? Here’s What to Do To Fix Your Dish

When used in the right way, cinnamon can give sweetness and an exotic flair to many dishes; however, cinnamon can be problematic when you go overboard with it. Too much cinnamon can make a savory dish unpleasantly sweet. Even in desserts, it can overpower every other flavor so that you …

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