Too Much Basil

Too Much Basil? Here’s How To Fix It

Basil is a versatile herb when used in moderation. It can brighten up a large number of savory dishes, especially those that include tomatoes. As with most herbs, its qualities can quickly become drawbacks when it is used in excess. Too much basil can make your food bitter and unpalatable. …

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Too Much Cilantro

Too Much Cilantro? How To Fix Your Meal

When you use it with restraint, cilantro can add a bright, fresh flavor to many dishes. It is especially important for Mexican favorites like salsa and guacamole, but it is also a significant element in Indian, Chinese and Thai cooking. However, the zippy freshness that cilantro brings can become unpleasant …

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Too Much Cumin? These Options Can Save Your Meal

Cumin is an extremely assertive spice. In other words, it can quickly obliterate the other flavors in a dish if you use too much of it. Whether you are using whole cumin seeds or ground cumin, adding too much can render your dish unpalatable. If this has happened to you, …

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Too Much Saffron

Too Much Saffron? How To Fix Your Dish

Saffron is a spice that is known for its ability to provide an attractive color and an appealing flavor to various dishes, including Spanish paella and Indian biryani. You can buy it in powder form, or you can buy saffron threads. It is important to note the difference between these …

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Too Much Cinnamon

Too Much Cinnamon? How To Fix Your Dish

When used in the right way, cinnamon can give sweetness and an exotic flair to many dishes; however, cinnamon can be problematic when you go overboard with it. Too much cinnamon can make a savory dish unpleasantly sweet. Even in desserts, it can overpower every other flavor so that you …

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Too much soy sauce

Too Much Soy Sauce? Ways To Fix Your Dish

Soy sauce is great for umami, saltiness, and a deep flavor in Asian and certain Asian-inspired West Indian dishes. Though, too much of it can ruin a dish’s flavor and appearance. Here are some fixes if you have added too much soy sauce. Dilute Depending on the kind of dish, …

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Too Much Ginger

Too Much Ginger? Use These Tricks To Tone It Down

Ginger is a popular spice used in many Asian dishes and it is included in a number of dessert recipes as well. Its pleasant zesty flavor can complement other spices or stand on its own as the main flavor in a dish. However, you only get its benefits if you …

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Added Too Much Tamarind? Try These Fixes

Tamarind is a key ingredient in many Indian dishes. Tamarind contributes a bright sour flavor that complements a range of herbs and spices used in Indian cuisine, but only if you use it in moderation. Excessive sourness will distract from other flavors and may even make the dish inedible. Here …

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