how to fix salty gravy

How To Fix Salty Gravy

A salty gravy can ruin a meal. As a component that is supposed to tie everything together, gravy’s role is integral but usually limited to the background. Too much salt instantly brings it to the forefront in an unpleasant way. A salty gravy can result from the addition of too much salt, but it can also come from excessive reduction. While you will not be able to remove the salt, there are remedies for this issue. Fix your salty gravy by following the tips below.

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Too Much Sage

Used Too Much Sage? Here Are Some Solutions

Sage is a potent herb that has applications in a range of savory dishes. Most people know it as the Thanksgiving turkey herb as it is traditionally used as a part of poultry seasoning blends and in stuffing. It is very easy to go too far with this herb and while it can be a pleasant background note to other seasonings, it can have an acrid note when used in excess. Below are some of the best ways to counteract too much sage and rescue a meal.

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Too Much Sugar

Too Much Sugar? Use These Tricks To Balance The Sweetness

Sugar provides what is arguably the most popular flavor, but it will also ruin a dish if used in excess. While most people can tolerate dishes that are just a little too sweet, using too much sugar makes some dishes cloying to the point of being unpalatable. Too much sugar is not just bad for the taste of food, it is bad for your health as well. If you have added a cup of sugar when you meant to add only a ½ cup, one of the solutions below may help.

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Too Much Saffron

Added Too Much Saffron? Here’s What To Do

Saffron is a spice that is known for its ability to provide an attractive color and an appealing flavor to various dishes including Spanish paella and Indian biryani. You can buy it in powder form or you can buy saffron threads. It is important to note the difference between these forms as you will need to use less powder than you would threads.

Saffron has a taste that many people enjoy when it is used precisely; it is not one of those spices where a little more of it makes the dish even better. The flavor of excess saffron has been described as bitter, metallic, and even likened to the taste of chlorine; however, all is not lost if you have made a dish that contains too much saffron. Consider a few of your options for rescuing the meal.

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Too Much Clove

Too Much Clove? Follow These Tips to Tone It Down

Cloves are pungent and versatile enough to be used in both savory and sweet dishes. This spice shows up in many spice blends including ras el hanout and pumpkin pie spice. Even a small amount of excess cloves can easily overwhelm all the other flavors in a dish, making that dish taste of cloves and nothing else. However, do not give up and discard your dish if you wind up going overboard and using too much clove. There are a few tricks that you can try to balance the flavors and save the meal.

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