Cooking with Aloe Vera

Cooking With Aloe Vera: The Dos And Don’ts

Aloe vera has been used for centuries both as a medicine and as a food. These days, it is associated with topical treatments for burns and other skin ailments but is gradually gaining recognition for its value as a nutritious food. It can be tricky to prepare, so follow the …

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Cooking with miso

Cooking With Miso: The Dos and Don’ts

Miso has gone from being a mysterious Asian ingredient to being relatively commonplace in just a few years. Miso is a fermented paste consisting of soybean blended with other grains like rice and barley. There are different kinds of miso with different properties, so they aren’t all suitable for the …

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cooking with maple syrup

Cooking With Maple Syrup: The Dos And Don’ts

Maple syrup is Canada’s favorite syrup and is known globally, both as the quintessential Canadian product and as a flavoring. Maple syrup is a versatile sweetener that has far more applications than just pancakes and waffles. It is only a good sweetening option if you use it correctly. Here are …

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Sumac uses

Eight Delicious Sumac Uses

Sumac is a relatively unknown spice in the US, and is only slightly better known in much of Europe. It is native to the Middle East and Mediterranean region, where its bright, lemony flavor profile makes it a valuable addition to many dishes. Sumac’s name comes from the Aramaic word …

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Arrowroot powder uses

Five Simple Arrowroot Powder Uses

Arrowroot powder is a starch that comes from the arrowroot plant, which is native to the West Indies and has been cultivated by indigenous Caribbean people for thousands of years. Arrowroot powder is sometimes referred to simply as arrowroot, or you may see it labeled as arrowroot flour; before using, …

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Winter savory uses

Nine Delicious Winter Savory Uses

Winter savory is a perennial Mediterranean herb that was most likely introduced to Northern Europe by the Ancient Romans. Winter savory’s pungent, minty, and piney notes are more intense and peppery compared to those of summer savory, but it is still a valuable culinary herb. Outside of a few places …

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summer savory uses

6 Tasty Summer Savory Uses

Summer savory is one of the two most common varieties of an aromatic herb related to mint, the other is winter savory. There are as many as thirty kinds of savory altogether, but summer savory is easily the most popular. Summer savory is a relatively rare, niche herb in most …

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Curry leaves uses

7 Tasty Curry Leaves Uses

Curry leaves are a herb used in Indian — especially Southern Indian — cooking and which is called by several names in India, including karipatta. They show up in Sri Lankan cooking as well as Cambodian and Malaysian dishes. Curry leaves come from the curry leaf plant and belong to …

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