What Can You Make With Cocoa Powder?

what can you make with cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is one of the two main ways to add chocolate flavor to dishes. Not only is chocolate flavor one of the most popular in existence, it is a versatile one as well. The food items you can make with it range from extremely simple desserts that can be thrown together in a few minutes to complex ones recommended only for the most serious home cooks. Consider some excellent ways to use cocoa powder below.

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What Are Good Spices For Spaghetti Sauce?

good spices for spaghetti sauce

When most people think about seasonings for spaghetti sauce, the herbs are usually the first things to come to mind. Basil and oregano are essential for spaghetti sauce, but spices are important as well. The list of spices that can show up in a spaghetti sauce recipe is varied. Some recipes can include more than six ingredients but usually, only three or four are necessary. Below, we will look at some of the most important ones. You can use these spices whether you are making a spaghetti sauce from scratch or simply want to add flavor to a pre-made one.

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What Make The Best Containers For Spices?

containers for spices

Like many products with limited shelf lives, spices require proper storage to ensure that they will still be usable when you need them. Spices go stale rapidly, even when stored correctly. What you will have left will be ground bark and seeds that are of little value. While proper storage includes the location in your kitchen where you store your spices, no factor is more important to the freshness of spices than the containers in which you store them. Choosing the right containers can ensure that your spices stay usable for as long as possible. Use the following tips to choose containers that maximize shelf-life and preserve freshness.

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How To Store Mint For The Freshest Flavor

how to store mint

Mint is one of those herbs that can make a big difference in a dish; however, it may not be available all year round. In addition, it can have a relatively short shelf so you may find yourself throwing out much of the mint that you buy if you do not store it correctly. To ensure that your fresh mint remains usable so that you have some on hand at all times, consider the following storage methods.

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How To Store Coriander For The Freshest Flavor

How To Store Coriander

Coriander is a spice that consists of whole or ground coriander seeds. The coriander plant is also known as cilantro. The ground seed is much easier to use, but has a considerably shorter shelf life than whole seeds.

How you store your coriander can have a significant impact on how well it resists spoilage. The right storage methods can help you to keep your coriander fresh for a long time.

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