Can you freeze mint?

Can You Freeze Mint?

Fresh mint might not be an option for much of the year if you live in a colder location. If you want access to it during the colder months, you will need a way to preserve it. Ideally, the method will allow the mint to retain as many of its …

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Polish Spices

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Polish Spices?

Polish cuisine is relatively diverse due to the influence of its European neighbors. Poland’s traditional dishes have a lot in common with foods from Germany, the Czech Republic, and even Hungary. While Polish dishes don’t always have complex flavor profiles, they do make regular use of certain pungent seasonings. Some …

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Can you freeze parsley?

Can You Freeze Parsley?

Parsley is a Mediterranean herb belonging to the carrot family. Like most fresh herbs, parsley lasts longer when stored at low temperatures. If you plan to keep it for a short time, the refrigerator is the ideal spot. However, the refrigerator’s dry air is not suitable if you need to …

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Chilean Spices

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Chilean Spices?

Chilean cuisine is not particularly spice-heavy when compared to the food cultures of other Latin American countries. The dishes have relatively simple flavor profiles, possibly due to heavy German immigration to the country in the 20th century. However, Chilean food does make use of a handful of staple spices that …

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Can you freeze cilantro?

Can You Freeze Cilantro?

Freezing cilantro is a tricky subject, but it’s one familiar to many since the herb comes in bigger bundles than most people can’t use at a sitting. The result is that a significant amount of cilantro can go to waste unless steps are taken to preserve it. While it can …

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Is Ginger Spicy

Is Ginger Spicy? A Spotlight On Ginger’s Warmth

Ginger originated in India and China and got its name from a Sanskrit word that means “horn-like” or “antler-like.” It has played a significant role in both Indian and Chinese cooking for centuries and is one of the earliest spices to make its way to Europe. One of the factors …

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Most Expensive Spices

What Are The Most Expensive Spices?

The most expensive spices in the world today have always been valuable to some extent. There were times in history that some were used as currency. The demand for spices is what makes them expensive. While the demand has grown considerably over the years along with the cost, the factors …

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Popular Indian spices

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Indian Spices?

Indian cooking is famous for its implementation of spices from India and from all over the world. Some of these spices are more widely used than others. Here are some of the most popular spices in Indian cooking: Green cardamom Like black pepper, green cardamom comes from India’s Malabar Coast. …

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