Cocktail sauce uses

Five Flavorful Cocktail Sauce Uses

Cocktail sauce was most popular during the 20th century and continues to be a popular condiment in the 21st. While it may seem like a specialized seasoning, it may be more versatile than you think. Here are some of the best uses for cocktail sauce: As a shellfish condiment Cocktail …

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Korean BBQ Spices

What Are Some Of The Best Korean BBQ Spices?

Korean barbecue has been growing in popularity in the West for some time and is likely to continue its growth. The love of this style of cooking is largely the result of the spices used. Let’s take a look at some of the best Korean BBQ spices for you to …

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Hot Dog Spices

What Are Some Of The Best Hot Dog Spices?

Hot dog spices are responsible for one of the iconic flavor profiles in American cuisine. The flavor of the standard weiner comes from spices used in the sausage itself and from the condiments used to top it. Here is a look at some of the best hot dog spices.  Onions …

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BBQ Spices

What Are Some Of The Best BBQ Spices?

Barbecue spices are usually powdered and applied in the form of a dry rub. Rubs are a matter of personal taste, so there is no one formula; however, the better ones typically have the spices below.  Paprika Paprika adds color along with sweetness and fruitiness to a dry rub for …

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Can you freeze basil

Can You Freeze Basil?

Freezing basil is one of the best ways to preserve the herb’s flavor while it is fresh. Dried basil is a staple of spice aisles in grocery stores but lacks the complexity that you get from the fresh herb. Freezing fresh basil allows you to keep its bright flavors and …

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Spanish Cuisine_Spanish Spices

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Spanish Spices?

Spanish food is known for being simple but flavorful. Even though it is not particularly spicy, it does emphasize a few pungent seasonings. Here is a look at some of the most important spices used in Spanish cuisine.  Garlic Garlic is the backbone of most savory Spanish dishes, at least …

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Tunisian Spices

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Tunisian Spices?

Tunisian cuisine is heavily influenced by Mediterranean and Berber food cultures, which is why it is particularly spicy (even for North Africa) and diverse. Here are some of the Tunisian spices used in this country’s favorite dishes.  Harissa The harissa spice blend is used throughout the Maghreb region and is …

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Australian Spices

What Are Some of the Most Popular Australian Spices?

Australian best-known cuisine consists mainly of foods brought in by immigrants from Europe and, to a lesser extent, from Asia. Many of the island continent’s indigenous ingredients are unknown to outsiders, including several that are used as spices. Some of the best known Australian spices include: Lemon myrtle The lemon …

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