Is Ginger Spicy

Is Ginger Spicy? A Spotlight On Ginger’s Warmth

Ginger originated in India and China and got its name from a Sanskrit word that means “horn-like” or “antler-like.” It has played a significant role in both Indian and Chinese cooking for centuries and is one of the earliest spices to make its way to Europe. One of the factors …

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Popular Indian spices

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Indian Spices?

Indian cooking is famous for its implementation of spices from India and from all over the world. Some of these spices are more widely used than others. Here are some of the most popular spices in Indian cooking. Green cardamom Like black pepper, green cardamom comes from India’s Malabar Coast. …

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how to store parsley

How to Store Parsley For The Freshest Flavor

Parsley may not be as delicate as herbs like cilantro or basil, but it is still considered one of the tender herbs. Its shelf life can be very short if it is not stored properly. However, the right storage methods can help you to keep your parsley usable for weeks …

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Can you freeze mint?

Can You Freeze Mint?

Fresh mint might not be an option for much of the year if you live in a colder location. If you want access to it during the colder months, you will need a way to preserve it. Ideally, the method will allow the mint to retain as many of its …

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How to rehydrate herbs

How To Rehydrate Herbs For The Best Flavor

Dehydration refers to the removal of moisture from herbs; rehydration involves returning moisture to those dried herbs. Herbs are dried to make them last longer, but dried herbs are rarely superior to the fresh version. The drying process results in oxidation, which can have negative effects on flavor and texture. …

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Australian Spices

What Are Some of the Most Popular Australian Spices?

Australian best-known cuisine consists mainly of foods brought in by immigrants from Europe and, to a lesser extent, from Asia. Many of the island continent’s indigenous ingredients are unknown to outsiders, including several that are used as spices. Some of the best known Australian spices include the below. Lemon myrtle …

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Spanish Cuisine_Spanish Spices

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Spanish Spices?

Spanish food is known for being simple but flavorful. Even though it is not particularly spicy, it does emphasize a few pungent seasonings. Here is a look at some of the most important spices used in Spanish cuisine.  Garlic Garlic is the backbone of most savory Spanish dishes, at least …

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Lemongrass uses

Five Flavorful Lemongrass Uses

Lemongrass is an herb in the citronella family with a strong citrus flavor profile and a coarse, fibrous texture. It is a versatile herb once you understand how to use its flavors. Lemongrass is one of those herbs you will need to understand to use it effectively; however, it is …

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