Thanksgiving herbs and spices

Ten Thanksgiving Herbs And Spices To Elevate Your Feast

Thanksgiving dinner is a time for indulging in delicious, comforting food, and the right combination of herbs and spices can take your dishes to the next level. From savory to sweet, these ten essential Thanksgiving spices and herbs will add warmth, depth, and complexity to your holiday feast. Sage Sage …

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how long can spices last

How Long Can Spices Last?

Like any food product, herbs and spices are best consumed within a specific time frame. How long they last will differ depending on the herb or spice itself, whether it is ground or whole, as well as how it is stored. Note that in most cases, you probably will not …

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Horehound uses

Seven Creative Horehound Uses

Horehound has been used as a medicinal herb for a long time. It goes by several different names, including houndsbane and white horehound. Horehound’s name may have come from old English words that indicate a plant with fine hairs, but it may also have originated with the name of Horus, …

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Chervil Uses

Ten Classic Chervil Uses

Chervil looks a little like flat-leaf parsley (a.k.a. Italian or French parsley) combined with cilantro. It has the same frilly leaves that can be flat or tightly curled. The big difference is that chervil leaves are smaller and thinner than those of cilantro and parsley. You will see chervil used a lot in French …

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Chicory uses

Seven Delectable Chicory Uses

Chicory comes in many forms – in fact, frisée and radicchio are both considered chicories. Belgian endive is another chicory and is arguably the most common version. Chicory is versatile and both the leaves and the root are useful. Consider the following seriously delectable chicory uses – using all aspects …

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Za'atar Uses

Nine Delicious (Old And New) Za’atar Uses

Za’atar is a seasoning blend from the Middle East that has been around for centuries and which includes oregano and marjoram along with sumac. Those are just the main ingredients; other ingredients can vary based on where you are in the region. You might see mint and savory in some …

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curry powder

Is Curry Powder Spicy?

The word curry comes from the Tamil word kari, which means spiced sauce. It refers to dishes with a spicy gravy, which are common in Southern Indian cuisine. Curry powders are helpful for Non-Indian cooks who may not have a lot of experience working with Indian spices. They provide the …

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Best spices for ribs

What Are The Best Spices For Ribs?

Ribs are sometimes marinated, but the most popular way to season them in the U.S. is with a dry rib rub. A dry rub is a blend of dried and ground spices that can sometimes include herbs. Rib meat is typically fibrous and tough, so it is best cooked with …

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